5 Simple Additions That Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Written by realestateview.com.au in Renovating

When it comes to home improvement, practice makes perfect! Think back to your brand new homeowner days and the trial and error DIY projects, did they ever really go to plan? If not, we have five simple additions that are easy to create and guaranteed to please the eye. If you want to make your home an interior designer’s dream it’s easier than you think, and the most exciting part is, you’ll be adding value to your property in the process. Continue reading to find out which small steps you can take towards a more ravishing residence that will turn heads on the property market. 

Skylight Installation

Let there be light, and lots of it. Bright open spaces with tonnes of natural light are more appealing to property moguls which, in turn, means they’ll fetch more cash on the market. The best way to allow more light into a room is to install a skylight and if you’re looking for efficient, gold standard skylight installation in Melbourne is the best place to begin your search. Changing your current window treatments to lighter and clearer fabrics will also give the illusion of a more expansive space, the brighter the better!

Granny Flats

Don’t worry, creating a ‘granny flat” doesn’t mean you have to move in your elderly grandparents and all their belongings. The term granny flat, now more commonly referred to as an annex or apartment, is a self-contained space that’s separate from your main property. What sets this apart from your typical man cave or luxury shed is that it has amenities which make the space livable. Creating this space will give you the option to make money from your investment, some people list their granny flat on Airbnb or lease it to family friends. Having this option will significantly increase the value of your property, just make sure you don’t add the grandparents to the listing. 


Forget about location, it’s all about the presentation. First impressions count when it comes to property sales so be a savvy seller and touch up the decor. Change any dark or heavy colours to neutral tones so that your goods appeal to a larger audience, people will be willing to pay more if they won’t have to redecorate. Something most people forget to do is to spruce up the exterior. A little picket fence, some flowering bushes or a lick of paint will work wonders for a potential purchaser.

New Fixtures And Fittings

It’s no secret that a complete overhaul of your kitchen and bathroom will set you back thousands of dollars. However, what if you could get the revamped look without maxing out your credit card? By simply replacing some of your prominent fixtures such as taps and light switches you’ll see a huge difference and you’ll still have all your hard-earned coinage in the bank. Re-tiling or replacing the backsplash in the kitchen will also work wonders towards ramping up the value. 

Landscape Your Garden

Landscaping your outdoor space doesn’t need to be as tricky as it sounds. When I think of landscaping a garden I envisage a fleet of mini diggers, tradies in high vis gear and skips full of topsoil but this doesn’t have to be the case. Strategically planting shrubs and trees, carefully planning space for your new additions to grow into and replacing annual plants with perennial foliage is a cost-effective way to hike up your house’s value. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love getting their hands dirty in the garden on a summer’s day.

Now you know exactly where to start when it comes to sprucing up your home and adding value to your property, what to stop you from hitting the shops and making a start right away?