Going thermal – the benefits of switching to thermal curtains for winter

Written by realestateview.com.au in Lifestyle

Before the first leaf hits the ground in Autumn, our community will collectively wrap up and start the hibernation process. Our homes tend to follow a different timeline, with residents always wishing they had made those incremental changes sooner to afford a warmer environment in those cooler months. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Seize the elements and give your home the gift of thermal curtains, so you can stretch out and stay in all season long.

An unobtrusive approach to warmth

Keeping warm isn’t necessarily the issue, it’s more about keeping a home warm without sacrificing the style and flow of your surroundings. Thermal blockout curtains are purposefully designed to keep cool air out, and retain the heat that exists in a room. A scarcity when winter gets going. Thermal curtains are unobtrusive and serve other typical curtain functions, as opposed to having a collection of portable heaters being wheeled from room to room and pointing as close to you as possible. Imagine retaining warmth in your home from autumn to winter, with a change as simple as upgrading your curtains. And while they serve dutifully in winter, they actually retain a cooler state in those harsh summer days.

Expect a reduced energy bill

There is always that twinge of guilt when we turn on the heater. Do I really this, and should I be using this energy so frivolously? Thermal curtains are a one time expenditure, dispelling any guilt or even the need to turn it on and off. It’s the best kind of set and forget. There is a huge societal push to explore ways to reduce our energy burning, and integrate solutions that are eco-friendly. Whether it’s financial or sustainable drivers that have led you to thermal curtains, enjoy a reduced energy bill and less of a reliance on your heating units. 

Increase your home value, year round

Whether you are preparing to sell or can’t picture yourself living anywhere else – we all want to do our bit to increase the value of your property asset. Adding thermal curtains to each or some of your rooms will add value to the property, and prospective buyers will be appreciative that they do not need to make these enhancements themselves. In a market as competitive as this one, it always helps to have an edge and present features that will be marked down in the ‘pro’ list. If selling your home seems like a while off, thermal curtains are a nice luxury that you can showcase to your guests. 

Maintain moisture

You need only marvel at how slowly your washing takes to dry to understand that there is no shortage of moisture in the air during those cool months. Thermal curtains are known for their ability to keep moisture out, due to the acrylic material and heavily lined nature of the curtain design. Enjoy a dry, crisp and warm home with your thermal curtains mitigating the cool air and moisture outside. It’s something we never know we need, until we start living in a dryer home. This also extends to those sticky summer days where humidity translates to moisture inside your home.

Don’t let another winter pass you by without making those long-term changes to your home that will keep you warm when you need it most. There are so many other benefits to making the change, but truthfully? Having a toasty evening on the couch cannot be compared to anything else.