Timeless renovation tips to avoid dating your home

Written by Douglas Ross in Renovating on August 1, 2017

Timeless renovation tips to avoid dating your home

Whether you are flipping a property, have saved money to finally renovate your home or are preparing a property for sale, the choices you make when renovating have a direct influence on the value of your home. Renovations that reveal their use-by-date in their design and choice of materials will show the savvy buyer the true worth of a property. They will also affect the prices you attract on auction day. Timeless renovations, however, will reveal to a buyer the longevity in the property’s design and as such in its future value. So what are the best renovation tips for a timeless home?

If you can afford it, seek help from a professional. Depending on the scale of your renovations, this can either mean seeking out the advice of an interior designer to that of an architect, or both. But whether you seek advice or not, be sure to remember the most important principle in a timeless renovation: keep it simple. Simplicity in your project goes beyond just the paint job or the choice of ‘lines’ and angles in the design, but extends to how your renovations perform aesthetically and functionally, which will lead you to contemplating your storage choices and appliance integration for instance.

Renovation tips: materials

One of the first things an architect may ask you is whether you have an idea of the sorts of materials you would like to use in your renovations, and whether you think they fit with the existing home’s design. For a timeless renovation, look to choose materials that either reflect the natural world in some way, or connect to it, and/or materials that link to a history of design/construction.

Materials that make a connection to the natural world include different varieties of wood, one of the most versatile materials when renovating, and stone, whether it be limestone, sandstone, marble, composite or other variations.  Materials such as steel and polished/unpolished concrete can be used in a timeless renovation for their ability to be both bold design features as well as being able to settle into their environments, while linking themselves to major design movements such as modernism, which maintains its timelessness in its utilitarian and minimalistic aesthetic.

A kitchen that utilises wood and marble aesthetics.

A combination of brick, wood and concrete-look walls offers natural solutions to renovating your home.

Renovation tips: design

Seek out design that creates a strong canvas, much like a painter’s canvas. It is on this that you and future users of the property can develop their own identity for the home. The best way to achieve this canvas is by using clean and clear lines. Favour open-plan living and malleable spaces ( even movable walls). Look for strong links between the home and the outside environment. Lastly, identify the provenance of a building (if it has one) and monopolize on this. If a property was built in the 1920s, use its heritage in your design, don’t mask it. Ironically, maintaining the timelessness inherent in the architectural principles that underlie a building’s construction can provide you the freedom to impart your own personality on the property.  Check out Pinterest for more design inspiration and renovation tips.

A living room with simple furniture and access to the outdoors.

A clean canvas to work off with access to the outdoors is the perfect way to maintain a timeless aesthetic.

Renovation tips: trends

One of the hardest things to avoid is the allure of trends when renovating. However, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too if you follow one simple rule. If a ‘trend’ has an aesthetic quality, while performing a function, then there is more reason to adopt it. Does it use current technology to impact the way in which you can use the home? If it improves the daily use of the property, then this helps justify its status as a trend.

The concept of trends in renovations is a much-debated topic. Common renovation tips recommend adopting trends that can be easily replaced. These often take form in lighting and fixtures. However, a timeless approach to your renovation will ensure the durability of your designs.

A bathroom with freestanding bath.

The freestanding bath is experiencing a modern revival, however it remains a functional item.

Renovation tips: painting

Beyond materials, paint choices also allow you to create a clear canvas. Neutral colours will create the backdrop to a timeless renovation. These include variations of white, beige, greys, and even browns. With these as a backdrop to the design of the property, you are free to use interior design, such as in your art, furniture, and fixtures to inject more personality and colour into the home.

An entryway with elegant staircase.

The subtle tones on the wall allows the perfect backdrop to create whatever look you want in this home!