Low maintenance indoor plants

Written by Caitlin Costello in Renting on December 7, 2016

Low maintenance indoor plants

Spring has come and gone, and nature and greenery is flourishing everywhere. But you can still bring Spring right into your home. Low maintenance indoor plants and flowers bring life and joy – and even help to improve the quality of the air! Many of us are fortunate enough to enjoy expansive gardens, but some do not have this luxury. Many units, apartments and even small homes lack the space required for a full garden. Or perhaps you just don’t have the time or patience to maintain a big outdoor area.

So how can you enjoy both the aesthetic and health benefits of plant life without a garden in your home? Simple! With houseplants.

Low maintenance indoor plants are a great solution to bring luscious greenery into the home, with half the effort or maintenance. Ranging from small to large and catering for all budgets, a houseplant is an easy installation that can instantly lift any room.

Here are 5 low maintenance indoor plants that are perfect for any home (and won’t take a green thumb to look after!)

Top 5 low maintenance indoor plants

  1. Snake Plant

This long stemmed variety thrives on neglect and is a perfect starting point for a novice gardener. It is nearly indestructible and has cheerful, brightly coloured foliage. Grows best in medium sunlight.

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

This derivative of the ficus variety is a luscious indoor tree that has large, dark green leaves. The fiddle leaf fig enjoys medium light exposure and slightly damp soil.

  1. Aloe

This is a succulent with countless medicinal benefits. It can grow quite tall to act as a dynamic indoor feature, prefers soil on the drier side (which is perfect if you are prone to forgetting to water plants), warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight.

  1. Jade

This succulent is known for its interesting textures and long lifespan. A very low-maintenance plant, jade is quite happy to be watered infrequently, and enjoys light and bright rooms.

  1. Pothos

This nifty little plant has at trailing stem that works well in a hanging basket or as a climbing plant. Pothos has an air-purifying quality that will help strip toxins and odours from your home. The plant thrives in all temperatures and any lighting condition.

Don’t be afraid to inject a little green into your home. It’s best to start small and branch out (see what we did there?) to help you gain confidence when creating your little home nursery. Check out our Pinterest board with these great plants to see which best suits your home.