What property managers look for at inspections

Written by Caitlin Costello in Renting on January 10, 2017

What property managers look for at inspections

While you’re leasing a property, it is common practice for the property manager to carry out routine inspections. These may be as often as every three months, but usually occur once every six months. These are important for both the owner and the renter. They give both parties an opportunity to ensure that everything is being maintained as it should be.

When the inspection date rolls around, ensure you are properly prepared to show your home to the manager. Here are five major things they’re looking for at an inspection:

  1. General cleanliness

While this isn’t a deal breaker, it reflects poorly on the tenant if the property manager has to step over piles of laundry or see the remnants of last night’s dinner on the benchtops. A general tidy up gives the impression that you are on top of everyday household maintenance and are treating the home with the respect it deserves.

  1. Deeper cleaning

Things like mould in showers, built up grime and burn marks on ovens demonstrate a lack of care. This kind of cleaning is hard to do in the few days before the inspection. It is expected as ongoing maintenance. Pay special attention to kitchens and bathrooms on a regular basis to ensure that they maintain a healthy level of cleanliness. Save yourself a mega effort before inspection!

  1. Unseen but not forgotten

Don’t miss the easy to forget places like on top of ceiling fans, around vents and blinds, and inside cupboard doors. Your landlord might not check these frequently but at least it will save you the effort if and when you do move on!

  1. Repairs

If you have broken anything around the house or even if it is just natural wear and tear, either make the effort to repair it yourself or be ready at inspection to mention it. Some things are up to the owner to maintain, but if you cause the breakage, prepare yourself to cover the cost of a replacement. Repairs are also the responsibility of the tenant to flag with the property manager so they can repair it before the damage is irreversible.

  1. Think outside the box

The box being your house: outside being the garden! Overgrown grass and weeds reflect a poor work ethic, and also makes your house look messy! Be sure to keep your garden in shape by setting up a routine of mowing, trimming and weeding. Take pride in the in and outside of your home.

An inspection need not cause you stress and anxiety if you keep up a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule in the home. That way, you’re always prepared! Follow @realestateVIEW on Twitter or realestateVIEW on LinkedIn for more tips and advice.