Things To Do Before You Move In

Written by in Guides on June 3, 2011

Things To Do Before You Move In

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Moving into a home is always exciting but it is also a daunting task. Below is a helpful checklist to ensure you complete all of the necessary tasks before you move in.

Moving Checklist

6-8 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Book a moving company
  • Plan and schedule repairs
  • Redirect your mail

2-4 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Transfer all accounts (payTV etc)
  • Discontinue any delivery services
  • Change your address (banks, licence etc)
  • Connect all utilities for the new property
  • Disconnect current utilities (if required)
  • Organise your Contents Insurance
  • Begin to clean and pack. Order your boxes according to their room.

Day Before Moving:

  • Complete packing
  • Finish cleaning
  • Call and confirm all details with the moving company

Moving Day:

  • Check the old property to ensure nothing was left behind
  • Complete your condition report
  • Change the locks of your new property (check with your landlord or estate agent before doing so).

Other Considerations When Moving

In & Around the Home

  • Fuel – Drain fuel from lawn mowers and discard any hazardous or flammable substances which could prove dangerous during the moving process.
  • Carpet clean – When moving out of a rental property, you may need to steam clean your carpet and ensure the property is returned in a satisfactory state.
  • Insurance – You may want to consider getting contents insurance before you move in, if you haven’t already done so. If you do, you may need to update or change the type of insurance agreement you have.

When Packing & Moving

  • De-clutter – When packing, try to sort through your stuff; sell or give away the things that you may not need or want any more to free up space in your new home.
  • Label – Clearly label boxes with all the details regarding the contents inside. Include whether or not the contents are fragile or need extra care and in which room the box may belong in.
  • Survival box – Pack a survival box which includes all your essential items. This will get you through the first couple of days without having to search through and open up all the boxes.
  • Disassemble and protect your furniture – Taking apart your larger pieces will not only protect them in the move, but will make transportation more convenient.
  • Protect valuable pieces – Wrap smaller objects in old newspapers or bubble wrap to avoid breakage of the valuable and sentimental pieces.
  • Plan your move – Design and plan your space before you move in. Try to establish the exact purpose of every room and therefore place the boxes accordingly.

During the Move & Unpacking

  • Photographs – Before unpacking everything, take detailed photos of the property and have the landlord sign off on the ones which show previous damage. These will protect you and may resolve any bond disagreements you may have in the future.
  • Pets – If you have pets, make sure they have a tag with all your current contact information on their collar. In case they get lost during the confusion of the move, you will be contactable.
  • Building complex move – If you are moving into a complex, you may wish to notify body corporate and your future neighbours. Your warning and apologies for the inconvenience and disturbance will surely leave a good first impression.