Adding value to your home without renovating

Written by Caitlin Costello in Selling on February 23, 2017

Adding value to your home without renovating

When your house is on the market, there’s plenty to be done to ensure you are adding value to your home. Sometimes, a full renovation is not within the budget. But you can still give your house a good sprucing at half the price (and a fraction of the effort!) if you know where to look.

Here are a few easy updates you can add to your house for instant value.

Slip slop slap

Not sunscreen in this case, but paint! Adding paint to the inside and outside of your house will instantly brighten the space and make it feel fresh and new. Consider the colour choices; lighter colours will open up the space, while darker colours can add accents and mood. Be sure to patch any inconsistencies in the walls to give yourself a smooth base to start with.

Go green

A little landscaping can go a long way in adding value to your home. Cleaning up the lawn, planting shrubs and bushes and the addition of paving and pathways will give your home and instant facelift. If you’re lacking in the green thumb department, add potted plants in strategic locations to add character and life. Remember, the garden is the first thing prospective buyers see, and first impressions count!

Knock knock

Once moving past the garden, buyers will next see the facade of the house. Make a statement with a boldly coloured front door and a styled entrance. Think pot plants, artwork or an interesting door knocker. Don’t forget a welcome mat!

What’s underfoot

If your floors have seen better days, and even the most vigorous cleaning leaves them looking a little sad, consider an update that will give them new life. Pull up and replace shabby carpet or reinvigorate faded floorboards with a fresh sand and polish.

Frame it

Dress tired windows with new curtains or blinds. Apart from concealing grubby windows, curtains and blinds can dramatically change the overall styling of the room. Opt for something simple, subtle and understated to give your room a lift without being overpowering.

Out with the old

And in with the new furniture! Replace large, bulky items with smaller and more streamlined choices. Choose neutral colours to give the impression of more space, select statement pieces to add a focal point, and add accessories to bring personality and character.

Let there be light

Illuminate your space with new light fittings, brighter globes and additional lamps. If natural light is plentiful, be sure to make the most of windows or consider skylights to add a little extra sunshine. Install dimmers in living areas to create mood for something extra special.

The finishing touches

While decorations and accessories don’t necessarily add value, they greatly impact the perception of buyers. So take a little care in dressing up your space with carefully placed flowers, candles, artwork, pillows, throws and all the little touches that make your house a home. Remember, you are selling more than bricks and mortar; you are selling a lifestyle – so make it a desirable one!

It doesn’t have to take a full renovation when adding value to your home. Think outside the square and refresh your house to add value in all the right places.