Home design a core factor for homes’ value

Written by realestateview.com.au in Selling

When a new property goes on the market there is always a chance that it will be snapped up instantaneously. Just as likely though, it could spend weeks on the market. The nature of real estate is that the market is rising and falling all the time, which can make it difficult to pinpoint when the perfect time to list a property for sale is, however, one element that does appear in all properties that consistently sell is a well thought-out design. There are many design features that help make a home more appealing to the masses, and a lot of the time people do not immediately recognise what these elements are.

Open-plan living 

Each living space in the home is important for different reasons. For some people, they love the sectioning and dividing of spaces for different purposes. For others, they prefer open-plan living so that they can all spend time together without having to yell through walls. More often than not, the open-plan home design is becoming the norm as people are embracing the concept of life at home being family-time no matter what you happen to be doing. Open plan living – especially in spaces like the kitchen and the living room – creates an inclusive feel that inspires and encourages people to be together and enjoy one another’s company. If there is a chance you can open your home up with a quick reno, you may find the value and appeal increase when the time comes to sell!

Natural light 

Not always noticeable, but a home with plenty of natural light is always going to make a better impression than a more poorly-lit counterpart. Plenty of windows not only let in more natural light during the day, but it also creates an atmosphere of openness that is calming and pleasant to exist in. If you have a home with wide, open windows, be sure the view on the other side is desirable too (think a garden, pool or even the home’s natural surroundings). Don’t have windows? Consider installing a skylight.

Sustainable living 

The latest and greatest in home design is sustainable living. More and more often these days, modern homeowners being educated and made aware of the impact that their choices make on the world around them. Because of this, they are being more environmentally and overall sustainably conscious in every aspect of their lives – including home design. From water tanks to solar power (and everything in in between), sustainable living is a staple in modern homes, and it is likely going to become a necessity when selling your home in the coming years – and for good reason too.

Home design that creates atmosphere is always a winner

Home designs are more than just making a house look pretty. A boxy, closed-in design can make even the warmest of homes feel cold and empty. There is something to be said about designing a home to embody the traits that you love the most, and this should always be the ultimate goal when buying a home. Why? Because down the line, if you have a property you want to put up for sale, chances are that property will appeal to the many people more if they can feel the home design has been created with love on the mind!