Is Your Property Dressed For Success?

Written by in Selling on October 18, 2013

Is Your Property Dressed For Success?

The way your property presents itself to potential buyers affects the way they feel about it. Does the property make a good first impression? Does it have a ‘wow’ factor? Has the floorplan and space been maximized? It is important to ask these questions when preparing your home for sale.

Buyers will make a decision about your home within the first few minutes of inspecting your property. With this in mind, can they see themselves living in your property?

Making your property as attractive as possible to the broadest market available will attract more buyers, and could be the difference between a buyer choosing to pursue your property over another.

Here are some useful tips on preparing your home for sale:



First impressions are everything. Tidy up peeling or tired paint work (doors and windows especially), trim and neaten gardens and lawns, repair cracked tiles and concrete.



Freshen up internal colours by using neutral soft colours, because bright colours help give a feeling of space and light. Rely on accessories to add colour accents, warmth and character.



Kitchens are the heart of every home and a quick paint job to your cabinet doors and adding new handles can breathe new life into a dull kitchen. A simple bowl of fruit (just one kind is plenty), a couple of cookbooks and a stylish appliance can make all the difference.


Create a sense of serenity with neutral tones, fluffy towels and a couple of lovely bath accessories. Get rid of any mould (paint ceilings etc if necessary) and do not use bleach products to clean the bathroom before an inspection to avoid the lingering smell.



Bring in as much natural light as possible. A mirror above a dining table reflecting the back garden adds to the feeling of space and sheer blinds allow soft filtered light in while still retaining privacy.


Replace or repair wonky door knobs or tricky doors, replace broken or torn inspect screens, and secure loose tiles or paving.


Spend some time in the garden to get it groomed and looking its best. Remove dead or dying plants, trim back shrubs and overhanging trees, feed and water the grass to keep it looking good and avoid strong smelling fertilizers.



Surface areas accentuate space. Move furniture to the outer walls, declutter bookcases, mantelpieces, study and guest rooms, minimize personal photos. All of this allows a buyer to imagine their own belongings in place.

That’s all our tips for today!  Remember, buying property is an emotional journey, so creating an inviting atmosphere where practical decision making is driven by emotional desires will help you and maximize your sale price.

Today’s Advice Centre article is proudly provided by Anthony Webb, General Manager – Sales at Philip Webb Real Estate.

About Anthony Webb:
Heading the Sales Team at PhilipWebb, Anthony’s Real Estate Career has seen him win the Victorian State Novice Auctioneers Competition (2004) and become the Chairman of the Young Agents of the REIV. As part of the family business with his father, Philip Webb, Anthony leads the Sales Team and is also a renowned auctioneer for the PhilipWebb network, with offices in Doncaster East, Mitcham and Ringwood.

About Philip Webb:
After more than 41 years in local real estate, Philip Webb has grown to become a highly respected, pioneering agency, with founder Philip Webb still playing a hands-on role in this family owned business. Now Victoria’s largest non-franchise real estate firm, Philip Webb specialises in residential and commercial sales, auctioneering, property management and investment. Their three offices cover the entire Eastern suburbs, with a record-breaking sales team and one of the largest rent rolls under management in Melbourne.


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