Marketing Your Home

Written by in Guides on November 14, 2015

Marketing Your Home

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An agent will prepare and present you with a marketing strategy to generate buyer interest in your home. It is important to understand the benefits of each marketing channel to ensure you choose the right mix of promotion to maximise your sales price

Marketing Methods


On the basis of the graph above the internet is the “prime” resource for consumers when searching for property. Most property seekers (87%) turn to the internet to search for property, therefore it is important that the internet is one of the core tools agents are using to promote your property. When speaking with your agent make sure you;

  • Find out which websites consumers are looking at to search for property in your area.
  • Ask how your property can be featured / enhanced on these sites to maximise property views and enquiries.


Although newspaper readership is declining, it is still proving to be an effective method when marketing your property. In particular, this channel is preferred and often used by the older generation as they still perceive it to be a reliable source of information for decision making.

As Graph 2 shows, 63% of the population use newspapers for the purpose of finding a property. There are a few things you may need to consider when deciding if newspaper advertising is right for you;

  • Frequency – The property sections of major newspapers are only released on a weekly basis, as are local newspapers. Therefore, consumers who miss that edition of the newspaper may not see that your property is on the market.
  • Measurement – Unlike online, an agent may or may not be able to provide you with statistics on the outcomes from your print investment.
  • Flexibility – Unlike an online ad, print provides less flexibility in terms of updating the listing should your price change, auction date change etc.

Despite this, given the high readership of print for property research it is important that you still consider this as part of your promotional strategy.


With the growth in internet usage and development of technology, the rate of magazine readership is slowly decreasing. However, a great deal of consumers will still use relevant magazines in order to find their dream home.

In particular whilst general magazine readership for property is largely ignored, agent magazines are still considered to be a key reference tool for property. The key benefit of the agent property magazine is that it is highly relevant and is usually consumed when property buyers are out in the field attending open for inspections and auctions.

Our Top Tip: It is vital to understand the promotional options on offer for your property and promote via a range of channels to maximise exposure.

Important Resources to market Your Property

These days consumers expect engaging and useful information to make decisions before they even venture out to inspect potential properties. It is important that you ensure that your agent is meeting these expectations online to maximise the sale value of your property. Some resources which are considered to be important are:

  • Virtual tours
  • Information regarding the local area (proximity to amenities, etc.)
  • Video footage of the property
  • An up to date listing complete with all open inspection times, auction date as well as inclusions / features such as swimming pool should be detailed.