Open house: 10 small steps to make a small room feel big

Written by in Selling on August 2, 2016

Open house: 10 small steps to make a small room feel big

So you have outgrown your home. It happens. You’ve set your eyes on bigger and better things and it’s time to move on – but before you can, your current space has to go on the market. Careful styling and furniture choices can give your home a lift and help to give the illusion of more space for prospective buyers that are coming through your open house.

We have seen our fair share of compact spaces: the good, the bad and the ugly. With this in mind, we’ve compiled 10 sneaky tips to transform your tiny room into one that feels open and spacious (and will help it sell!).

  1. Stay on the lighter side

In a small room your eye needs a subtle, restful palette. Don’t assault the senses with dark or bright colours on the walls as these will only make the area seem even more compact. Stick to a simple white, off-white or cream as your base and save the bold colours for your accessories and decorations.

  1. Don’t cram it in

While pushing your furniture up against the walls is great when you are hosting a dance party, doing so on an everyday basis is a trap! Placing all of your furniture against walls will in fact make your room appear smaller and cramped. Even just a few inches gap between sofas and walls will help to make the room feel more spacious, and you can always shift the couch when the urge to bust a move arises.

  1. Say hello to smart furniture

Two words: hidden storage. And two more: multipurpose items. In a room that is a little on the smaller side, make every inch count with smart furniture choices. A coffee table that doubles as a bookshelf or an ottoman with concealed storage will help keep items to a minimum and make sure that everything in the room has a reason for being there. Also consider useful additions like tables that can be extended or chairs that can be folded and stored when not in use.

  1. Mirrors

Adding reflections is the easiest way to give your room the illusion of more space. This can work in any room of the house from hallways and living areas to bathrooms and bedrooms. The bigger the mirror, the more spacious the outcome – so go wild!

  1. Eyes on the prize

The prize in this instance is extra surface area. Floor space is limited, so make use of the walls at all heights. Install shelves to train the eye upward, or suspend cabinets off the ground to make use of the available wall areas.

  1. Less is more

Bulky furniture can overpower a compact room, but so can multiple pieces of smaller furniture items. Simplicity is key here: choose one appropriately sized couch that fits the room and has enough seating for everyone rather than trying to coordinate an assortment of chairs and sofas. Or for bedrooms, try a headboard that has built in side tables.

  1. Get naked

Natural light and air will help to enlarge your space. So strip those windows bare! If privacy is a concern, use lighter shutters or blinds rather than heavy drapes to keep the room open.

  1. Show us your legs

It’s all about making the room feel more spacious by showing off as much floor as you can. Lean toward furniture that is suspended on legs rather than sitting flush to the ground. Keeping things off the floor gives the room more depth and allows you more floor space to work with. Remember, empty space is your friend.

  1. When in doubt, throw it out

If empty space is your friend, then clutter is your enemy. Don’t overdo it on decorations and knick knacks. Less is more – especially in a small space. Stick to chosen feature items that make a statement on their own.

  1. See right through you

Transparent furniture and shelving items are an excellent solution for small spaces. You receive all the benefits of their functionality without adding heavily to the layout of the room.

Though the room may feel like a box, that’s no reason for you be stuck thinking inside it! Get creative with the space you have and find a way to make it work. The tools are in your hands – go and style your space so well that you end up questioning whether it’s too small for you after all!