Using a professional removalist vs having your friends help you move

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Everyone knows that moving costs a considerable amount of time and money. For this reason, many people try to save a little bit of extra cash by asking friends rather than professional removalists to help them through the process. However, this can lead to significant problems during the big move, and what you save initially in cash can be lost in many ways. Let’s take a deeper look at the pros and cons of having a professional removalist vs friends help you move.

Friends and Family

Pro: Save on the Professional Removalist Bill

The most obvious benefit of asking family and friends to help you move is that you save considerably on the cost of professional removalists. Getting a friend or family member to loan you their truck or ute, helps you avoid hundreds of dollars in fees for hiring a moving van. Having family and friends help you pack up boxes and load them onto a borrowed truck also saves you from the labour expenses imposed by professional removalists.

Con: Additional Expenses

While a DIY move enables you to save on the upfront costs of professional removalists, the numerous incidental and unexpected expenses that result from a DIY move will take a considerable hit on your wallet.

One of the major advantages of hiring a professional removalist is that you are provided with an accurate quote for the costs of their services. There are no hidden fees or surprises and the professionals provide all the required equipment and tools to complete the job. When completing a DIY move there are many purchases you will be required to make, and some additional expenses you may find yourself liable for. Just some of these expenses include;

1. Moving Materials: During a DIY move it is up to you to provide the boxes, storage containers and lifting equipment required to move your belongings.

2. Medical Expenses: Professional removalists have the training and equipment required to protect themselves from injury during the moving process. You will also be covered by the business’s medical insurance policy in the event of injury to an employee. When your family and friends help you move you are not covered by any insurance. If they are injured you may, therefore, find yourself liable for considerable medical expenses.

3. Property Damage: Packing and stacking furniture requires an understanding of how to distribute weight properly. If furniture and goods are not packed in the right way they are likely to become damaged or completely broken. When you hire a professional removalist your items are covered by full public liability and removals insurance, giving you complete peace of mind.

Con: Extra Time

While you may save a few dollars by calling in the familiar troops to help you out, having family and friends help you throughout the move adds a considerable amount of hours to an already time-consuming task.

The additional time it takes to conduct a DIY move starts well before it’s time to load the boxes onto the truck. Time must also be taken to source a considerable amount of secure cardboard boxes or other storage containers to protect your belongings. Understanding how to securely pack items to avoid damage, seal cardboard boxes and load them into a truck, takes a considerable amount of time and energy.

Many DIY movers make the mistake of designating a weekend for the entire move, not understanding the significant amount of time it takes to manually shift all belongings from one home and safely unload them at a new location. While your family and friends may be happy to give up a weekend to help you out, most will be unable to unwilling to take time off work.

Professional Removalists

Pro: Peace of Mind

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful time. Packing up and moving your most valuable, sentimental belongings can be difficult. It is therefore important to find someone you trust to safely bring your belongings to their new home.

Professional removalists are trained professionals in packing and transporting the contents of a home. They have the equipment and training to safely and securely transport even the most delicate items. With full insurance coverage you can also rest assured that in the unlikely event of damage to any item, you will be fully compensated.

Pro: Save Time

Trying to complete a DIY move takes a considerable amount of time. From coordinating the schedules of friends and family, sourcing equipment, packing, loading, unloading and unpacking boxes – a DIY move becomes a full-time job and commitment.

Hiring a professional removalist streamlines the entire difficult moving process. All it takes is one quick phone call or online booking to secure a team of professionals to do all the heavy lifting for you. This means you can spend more time on enjoying the process and dreaming of exciting ways to decorate your new home.