How do real estate advertising schedules work?

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Many real estate agencies will have different prices for marketing your property. They will often have different marketing packages that include different degrees of effort and budget in marketing your property. After consultation between the agent and the seller, the agent will create a list of all the marketing activities that will be taken out to promote the home over an agreed period of time.

Multiple factors can affect whether you will want to get a lower end or higher-end package. This includes the value of your home, the competition in your area, whether you are doing a private sale or auction or if you are in a hurry to sell or fill a vacancy in your rental. You may need to spend extra to make your home stand out in a crowded market and to sell for the highest price possible, or to help you find the best tenant possible.

Here is a list of the most common items that appear in residential marketing packages as standard or as extras depending on the agency. 

Real estate portals

The best way for a real estate agent to promote your property is by using online property portals. Most prospective buyers will want to see as many properties as possible within their search criteria. For an additional cost, most property portals will allow agents the option to promote listings at the top of the search results. These properties generally feature more photos and get far more views and interactions than the standard listings that slowly sink to the bottom of results as newer listings push them down.


Agency’s website

The real estate agent will usually include the property listing on their website in the for sale section. They will often have a staff member or agency looking after their Google Ads management, where they will promote the listing on their site within Google to users looking for properties in that suburb. They may also create banner ads that promote the property and remarket to past visitors to the site, with ads for the property appearing on other websites. This will cost extra as money is paid to Google for each click on these ads.

Local newspapers

One of the oldest methods of property advertising is in the local newspaper. Whilst most people tend to look online for properties, there are still certain demographics that prefer to find properties the old-fashioned way.

Professional photography

An important part of real estate marketing is professional photography of the home. Good photography can make your home stand-out and look more appealing to potential buyers or renters. For an extra fee, they can arrange for a professional home staging to improve the look of your home. This will involve swapping out your mismatched furniture and personal objects to make the house look more appealing.

Printed flyers

When someone inspects a property, they are often given a printed leaflet or flyer with photos, floorplans and other information about the property that they can take home with them. These may also be available in the agency office.

Window displays at agency office

Agencies with shopfront locations will usually put flyers up in their windows, or may have TV screens in the windows that display your property. Not only does this help them promote your property, but it also adds authority to the agency by displaying the number of properties that they are working with.

Email mailing list

Most real estate agents will have a database of people who have shown interest in their previous listings or who have attended open for inspections. This can help get your listing advertised to potential buyers. Online property portals will also have regular property alerts for subscribers who want to find the latest properties for sale or rent.

SMS advertising

Similarly to an email list, agents may SMS a list of people who they think might be interested in your property.

Real estate boards

Real-estate boards are advertised in front of the property. These boards will list the features and details of the home for potential buyers to see.

Flyers in letterboxes

Many agents will print flyers of your property and put them in the letterboxes of people in your neighbourhood. This is a good way to approach people who are not actively looking to buy but might want to know if anything near them comes up for sale. This usually has different messaging to what people receive at inspections.

Agency magazines

Some franchises create brochures that list properties available. It also has information about their agency and property management fees. These can usually be collected for free from outside the agency offices. 


The floorplan for a home is very important to most people. Agents will try and source the original floorplans for your property to add to the property listing. They may also arrange to get new floorplans drawn up as an extra. Floorplans can be a great selling tool. Potential buyers will look at the floorplan to see if they can envision themselves living there.

Virtual tours

A big step up from a floor plan is a virtual tour which can allow people to navigate through the property without having to visit in person. 

Video tour

A premium feature some agencies offer is a professionally filmed video tour. This may appear as part of the property listing and on social media.


Another premium service some agencies offer is building a whole website to promote the property. 

Social Media

Agencies will often share the property listing on their social media profiles and can create a sponsored post for an additional fee. This can help fans of their page see your property and other people in the local area. 

There are other creative ways real estate agents may promote your property. How many of these would you use to help promote your property?