Selling your house in different seasons

Written by Caitlin Costello in Selling

autumn tree selling your house in different seasons

There’s no hard and fast rule for which season is best when selling your house. In fact, there are many pros and cons to each. So, whatever the weather, here’s how you can ensure your house is dressed to impress.

Selling your house in Summer

Stay cool

If selling your house in summer it is important to ensure you aren’t presenting an overheated house to potential buyers. If your house has a lot of western-facing windows and warms up in the afternoon, you may want to hold your inspections earlier in the day, while the temperature is most comfortable. Be sure to start cooling your house a few hours before visitors come through, so it reaches optimum temperature before they arrive. A too-warm house will make your potential buyers flustered, and they may leave with a bad impression of the home.

Be bright

Look to light, inviting colours for your decor during the warmer months. Blues and greens add vibrance to your home and create a welcoming feeling for prospective buyers.

 Summer house

Selling your house in Autumn

Prepare for anything

Weather is notoriously unexpected in the autumn months – warm one day and cool the next. Ensure you have adequate heating and cooling options to cater for any circumstance.

Get cosy

Create warmth through rich textures and patterns. Be inspired by the reds and oranges of the autumn leaves and let this be reflected in your choice of decor.

What’s on the outside counts, too

As the weather gets damper, your garden may start to fall victim to mud and sludge. Keep a clear pathway for buyers to walk through that won’t then lead to mud tracking through your house. Patch up any bare spots in your grass and keep falling leaves at bay with frequent raking. Remember – the garden is the first impression of your house!

A home in autumn

Selling your house in Winter

Crank that heater

Your potential buyers will be coming out of the cold and into your home. Make their first impression a warm and inviting one. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, get those flames crackling, or otherwise, turn up that thermostat so it’s nice and toasty upon arrival.





Warm up with colour

Let colour create additional warmth, and introduce red and orange accents in soft pillows, rugs and throws.

Let there be light

Take advantage of windows and pull open your blinds and curtains to let sunlight into your home.

 A home in winter

Selling your house in Spring

Seasonal glory

Spring is generally the busiest selling season. Bring vibrancy and life into your home with fresh flowers and greenery. Not just beautiful – these will help freshen the air and fill your rooms with a lovely aroma.

Freshen up

Mould and mildew can build up in even the cleanest of houses over the damp winter months. Be sure to clean any patches before you begin the open house season – an 80% white vinegar solution should clear up most spots. And be sure to open up windows and doors to air out any musty smells that have developed during winter.

Green thumb

Spring is the time when plants thrive – so make sure your garden is in tip top shape if that’s when you’re selling. Put in the hard yards in the early days of spring for best results.

A home in spring

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