Space-saving solutions

Written by Douglas Ross in Selling on May 8, 2017

Space-saving solutions

It’s probably pointing out the obvious, but a busy home creates a busy mind. If you want to limit your stress, then you may want to first think outside the box to find some cheap space-saving solutions.

When you can’t go sideways, go up

Whether you live in an inner-city apartment or a large rural homestead, space is always a problem. The more space you think you have, the more likely you are to fill it up! But if the size of your room is objectively an issue and you can’t fit anything else in there, look to the sky!



Consider what you can both hang from the ceiling and attach to the walls to save some space as vertical surfaces are a space-saver’s best friend.

Of course, shelving is your first point of call. Consider ranking your shelving according to height vs. rate of use. For those items you use often, place these on shelves nearer to your reach, while shelves nearer the ceiling can contain either decorative pieces or a combination of these and items you use less often. Look out for boxes that can both be used as storage and that add to the look of a room that you can place strategically.



If you don’t have much closet space and don’t want your room filled with cumbersome clothes hangers, consider hanging your clothes from the ceiling. If you can get nifty, why not create a rope and pulley system so you can retract your clothes back up to the ceiling when you’re done?



As well as bed lamps and other lamps fixed to walls, the kitchen can be one of the best places to use hanging space. Whether these be magnetic mounted strips that you can hang metal items on, ceiling hangers for pots and pans or similar ideas for utensils and metal containers.

A two-sided coin


Items that can have a double (or triple, or quadruple!) use are excellent space-saving solutions. These can range from the obvious to the abstract.


One of the more obscure double uses comes from coat hangers. Consider different ways of using them, such as hanging multiple hangers on each other in a vertical chain as a great space-saving solution. Or attach shower curtains or any other ringed object to the coat hangers to hang items off.

Sick of having a clothes horse constantly cluttering up your living room or laundry? Procure yourself a retractable rod or line that you can put up for each wash, while using coat hangers to hang your clothes on this line/rod.

Some of the more obvious double-use items can include a comfortable sofa bed that could be situated in a spare bedroom, or traditional architectural designs that could be used more effectively, such as staircases with built-in drawers (just think how many potential drawers you could have!)

The retractable

The ultimate in space-saving solutions are those that disappear after each use.


Ever considered a hammock instead of a chair or cumbersome beanbag? It seems so simple everyone should be lazying around in hammocks while they watch TV then hanging them back on the wall after each use.

Look for cupboard space that can be better hidden when closed and inside those spaces, how can you better organize your belongings? Why not stack your plates vertically in a dish rack or similar dish within a cupboard so that you don’t have to fill an entire draw full with plates and bowls.

The king of space-saving solutions

Before you get clever with coat hangers or start sticking your spice containers to the ceiling, remember that the best space-saving solutions come down to regular cleaning and de-cluttering. Develop a quick and easy categorizing system, judging items based on their use, their beauty. their emotional importance and a final pile for the stuff that is clearly useless. Once you know something is beautiful rather than useful, you will know to display it, while finding a hiding spot for more practical items. Remember that during our lives our homes become like scrapbooks, and there is everything right about that. But perhaps an organized scrapbook is better than one bursting at the seams.