Three tips for staging the master bedroom before you sell your home

Written by in Selling

When potential buyers look at a home they plan to buy, they want to be able to envision themselves happily living there. When you’ve decided to sell your home, this is a fact you’ll want to keep firmly in mind as you prepare the property for sale. If the ambiance they’re greeted with in your home doesn’t resonate, they may not be able to paint that blissful mental picture. They’ll move on to the next home without making an offer on yours.

That’s one reason homeowners often devote so much effort and money to home staging. A small amount of creativity invested in staging can translate to more interest in your property and possibly higher offers for it.

The master bedroom is of particular importance when you consider how to present your home to potential buyers. This is because the master bedroom is such a personal space. It’s crucial to make the space look inviting,and it has to be a place where your potential buyers can imagine themselves spending a significant portion of their lives. The following tips can help you stage the master bedroom with the goal of selling the home fast:

1. Tidy up

Clean the master bedroom methodically from the top down, remembering to wash and dust the blades on the ceiling fan early in the process. Wash the blinds, windows and draperies. Clear any cobwebs that may have accumulated in the room. Toss out rubbish, and vacuum, sweep and clean the floor last.

2. Evaluate, declutter and organise

If possible, leave the bed and nightstands in the room so potential buyers can more easily envision how their own furniture might look in the space. Beyond that, you’ll want to remove any furniture that makes the room look cluttered.

Evaluate any artwork on display in the room. If there is a chance the artwork is not going to appeal to the masses, it needs to go. Also remove any artwork or other items that look outdated. Pack up family portraits and photographs in boxes and move them to your new residence if possible, people do not want to imagine your life in this home – they want to image theirs.

Aim to remove items from the closet until it is at least 1/3 empty. Your goal is to get it looking like a display home closet – neat and tidy (and probably not at all realistic – but hey, you are trying to sell!). Consider a storage store’s advertising for some inspiration too!

3. Make the bed

It seems obvious, but please, make your bed. The bed must look pristine when potential buyers tour your home, and you’ll want to pay particular attention to making it look comfortable and inviting.

Change the bed sheets. If your bedding is old or stained, you can freshen it up with a duvet or quilt cover. Ecosa’s stylish bamboo quilt covers are ideal for this purpose. If the room looks a bit drab, you can enhance it by placing a grouping of colourful accent pillows on the bed.

Make sure your box spring isn’t showing. Remove stored items from under the bed if possible. If that isn’t practical, make sure they are camouflaged with a dust ruffle. Remember to sweep and / or vacuum under the bed.

These are our top three tips for staging the master bedroom before you show your home to prospective buyers. Following these three suggestions is likely to result in a master bedroom that makes a favourable impression on the people who tour your home.