Using Google Home to sell your house

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A google home device

Voice-responsive virtual assistants are everywhere and they’re the newest way to add value to your home during the sales process. From Google Home to Amazon Alexa, these new voice-activated devices show prospective home buyers the possibilities of a smart, technological home, plus they may just help sell your home faster. Don’t just show them your home, give them an experience!

Google Home device

Using Google Home to sell your house: Integrating technology into your home is a growing trend.

Impressing new home buyers

Creating a welcoming space for prospective buyers is the most importance aspect of showcasing your home during open days, and voice-controlled assistants can augment their experience. Imagine showing off the heat-repellent blinds, the dimmed lights and the heating and cooling system all via voice-control. Your home buyers would see all the benefits of the home curtesy of the 21st century, without you fumbling with controls.

Show off your homes calmest corners

Imagine showing a potential buyer through your home on a hot day. You describe the calming effect of the master bedroom, and start to walk toward the room. As you enter the bedroom, you say a gentle ‘Ok Google, play relaxing music,’ and your favourite soothing tones start to play. As you describe the soothing feel of the room, you also ask Google to dim the lights and turn on the air conditioning to create a blissful experience for buyers.

Showcase your houses entertaining abilities

Looking around an empty home and imagining is part of the fun of purchasing a home, and Google Home and Amazon Alexa can help. While showing potential buyers around your home, don’t just tell them, SHOW them exactly how fantastic the space can be for entertaining.

As you wander towards the living room, ask your virtual assistant to play your party mix, and turn down the lights. You’ll love showcasing the energy of the room without fumbling with speakers and rummaging for the lights. If you have nosy neighbours, show off the block-out blinds by asking your virtual assistant to close the blinds. Potential buyers will be blown away by the cohesive experience the technology can create!

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Using Google Home to sell your house: Ok, this is probably a bit far, but you get the gist.

Temperature control with flair

Whether it’s from the peak of summer, or the dead of winter, potential home buyers will love to see how energy efficient your home is with voice activation. Voice activated blinds, curtains and window tinting is best shown off via voice activation.

As you casually stroll around your lounge mention how cool your home stays in summer as your windows start to dim. If your potential buyers are worried about being too cold in winter, show them how the automated heating in your home can switch on in an instant and warm your whole house.

Comfort new home buyers with your voice-activated security

Smart locks are a futuristic development benefitting everyone from Air BnB hosts, to those who constantly lose keys. Show off your home’s modern facilities by asking your voice-activated assistant to lock, then unlock your doors. While only certain locks are compatible with your voice-activated assistant, you’ll wow prospective buyers with the latest smart technology.

Voice-activated assistants give your home the edge you need to help push prospective buyers over the line from browsers to buyers. Show off your perfectly integrated smart-tech home and people will be begging to buy your home!