JANUARY 08, 2018

Using Google Home to sell your house

From how we connect with other people, to how we look after ourselves, how we gather and consume information, and how we get around, modern technology has completely transformed the way we do things.

While many aspects of real estate continue along the traditional pathways, technology has changed how we research, and buy property, how we’re able to inspect homes, and even how we’re able to update our homes. When it comes time to sell your property, there is a modern upgrade that you can put to work alongside your real estate agent to help you sell your house – and it’s small enough to fit in your hand. And chances are, you already have it inside your home.

Smart Speakers are one of the newest ways to add value to your home during the sales process. From Google Nest to Amazon’s Alexa, these voice-activated devices are becoming more common in homes. And they’re helpful for more than just controlling your devices or giving you the information you need. When you’re selling your house, they can show prospective buyers the possibilities of a smart, technological home, plus they may just help sell your home faster. Through the small devices, you can not only show prospective buyers aspects of your home, but you can also give them an experience.

Here’s how to incorporate Smart Speakers when you’re selling your home.

Knock their socks off 

We all know how much first impressions count. So creating a welcoming space for prospective buyers is the most important aspect of showcasing your home during inspections. On top of your chosen real estate agent, adding voice-controlled Smart Speakers can augment the experience of potential buyers, and help win them over. Imagine showing off the heat-repellent blinds, the dimmed lights and the heating and cooling system all via voice-control. Your home buyers can see all the benefits of the home courtesy of seamless, modern technology, without you fumbling with controls or devices.

Wondering if you could sell your home without a real estate agent? Here are the steps you’ll need to follow and the factors you need to consider if you want to sell your own place.

Help bring the calm, all throughout your home 

When you’re looking to buy a home and inspecting a range of properties, sometimes they can all start to blend into one in your mind. Smart Speakers can help create a full sensory experience for potential buyers that they’re unlikely to soon forget.

Imagine showing a potential buyer through your home on a hot day. You describe the calming effect of the master bedroom, and start to walk toward the room. As you enter the bedroom, you say a gentle ‘Ok Google, play relaxing music,’ and your favourite soothing tones start to play. As you describe the soothing feel of the room, you also ask Google to dim the lights and turn on the air conditioning to create a blissful experience for buyers.

Here are some more ways to incorporate more modern technology and the latest gadgets into your home.

Let (the Smart Speaker) entertain you

As a potential buyer, you want a home to display a bit of warm personality, yet still be minimal enough so you can imagine what your own life might look like there, and what kind of lifestyle you could lead.

But sometimes, it can be difficult to conjure up the images, so with a Smart Speaker, you can show them what that might be like. Like highlighting how they could entertain guests in their new home.

As you wander towards the living room, ask your virtual assistant to play your party mix, and turn down the lights. You’ll love showcasing the energy of the room without fumbling with speakers and rummaging for the lights. If you have nosy neighbours, show off the block-out blinds by asking your virtual assistant to close the blinds. Potential buyers will be blown away by the cohesive experience the technology can create.

Temperature control with serious flair

Whether it’s from the peak of summer or the dead of winter, potential home buyers will love to see how energy efficient your home is with voice activation. Voice activated blinds, curtains and window tinting is best shown off via voice activation.

As you casually stroll around your lounge, mention how cool your home stays in summer as your windows start to dim. If your potential buyers are worried about being too cold in winter, show them how the automated heating in your home can switch on in an instant and warm your whole house. And what could be more impressive than showing how, by just using your voice, you can turn on the electric blanket in the bedroom without ever leaving the couch, so it’s toasty warm by the time you’re ready to hit the hay?

Put them at ease with your voice-activated security system

Smart locks are a futuristic development benefiting everyone from AirBnB hosts, to those who constantly lose their keys. Show off your home’s modern abilities by asking your voice-activated assistant to lock, then unlock your doors. While only certain locks are compatible with your voice-activated assistant, you’ll wow prospective buyers with the latest smart technology. 

Here are some more ways you can keep your home safe and secure by using the latest in technology.

How you can use Smart Speakers to sell your home

Smart Speakers are not only a handy addition to your home, making a wide range of actions and functions available to you via voice activation or from the palm of your hand. They could also help sell your house, and sell it faster. By using Smart Speakers seamlessly and effectively during all of your open inspections, it can give your home the edge you need to help push prospective buyers over the line from browsers to buyers. Show off your perfectly integrated smart-tech home and people will be begging to buy your home.

Ready to sell your home? Here are some other ideas for how you can sell it faster by using technology

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