Calculators to help make saving for a home that much easier.


Calculate your payments in advance or arrears.

Budget Calculator

Input all your incomings and outgoings in our Budget Calculator to help you save.

Achieve My Savings Target

Do you have something important you’d like to save for? Find out how much you need to save periodically to get there.

What Can I Afford To Borrow?

If you would like to figure out the total amount of money you could borrow for a home loan, the How Much Can I Borrow…

Split Loan

A Split Loan Calculator estimates the value of your home loan should you decide to split it out into fixed and variable rate portions. It…

Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp Duty is the revenue that states charge on the sale of all real estate. Stamp Duty is calculated by applying taxation, which depends on…

Reverse Mortgage

Use the equity in your home to receive a lump sum or a periodic payment.

Remaining Balance

Check out the exact amount remaining on your loan at any given year…