Keeping Your Resolutions: How Refinancing Your Home Loan Can Help

Written by Rates Direct in Finance on January 14, 2014

your resolutions can be achieved by reviewing your mortgageA New Year has well and truly begun and like most people, you are probably contemplating what you should focus on this year.  For example; thinking of something you want to change either about yourself or within your life.

Well, at Rates Direct, we thought we may be able to lend a hand by sharing with you a way you can achieve the three (3) most common goals people like to get in check each New Year:

1) Lose Weight/Get Fit

2) Find more time to spend with the family

3) Find New Ways to Save!

You might find that ticking one of these off might be difficult over the year but what if you could do all three? By taking a moment to check your Financial Fitness, you could find more money to save, reduce stress about your finances and use the time you save to work on your training goals!

Did you know that even a half a percent (0.50%) discount on a $450,000 mortgage could save you up to $40,000 over the typical life span of a home loan over 25 years? Surely that is worth investigating.

Speak to us and we can show you how to save thousands on your home loan which could make the start to 2013 that much easier!

Financial Fitness Test

  1. Are you paying less than 4.78% on your home loan? If no click HERE
  2. Do you have multiple loans across different lenders? If yes click HERE
  3. Is your fixed rate term ending in the next three months? If yes click HERE
  4. Do you feel your bank isn’t giving you the service you deserve? If Yes click HERE

Getting your home loan checked is absolutely free and can save you a great deal over the life of your loan. Call 1300 599 846 and speak to our team of experienced brokers today to make sure you are in the best position to start 2014.

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