Top 5 trends in Aussie Architecture for 2014

Written by Kim McFayden in Property News on January 29, 2014

architectural drawings of propertyIt’s great to be contributing to ExpertVIEW. I’m an Australian architecture and design blogger over at Designhunter where I love to share amazing homes designed with warmth, texture, sustainability and beauty. Today I’d like to bring you my top 5 trends in Aussie architecture for 2014.

If you’re looking to build or buy a new property, be sure to research these trends to see if they will suit your needs and style.

1. Blurring inside and out

Property with architectural indoor outdoor featuresA great way Aussie architects are taking advantage of our brilliant climate is to blur the boundaries between inside and out using large openings and plenty of glass. Large sliding doors, huge panes of glass and matching indoor/outdoor flooring are featuring prominently in current home designs, enabling a seamless transition between indoors and out.

2. Contrasting materials

property displaying architecture trends in materials Super sleek surfaces are being softened with a pared back, more homely vibe for architectural interiors. What we are seeing coming through from the architects is a contrast of smooth and sleek against rough, rustic and natural surfaces.

3. Harvesting the sun, wind & rain

Sustainability remains king with Australian architects: it’s all about designing to maximize the amount of light and sun into the interiors during winter, while artfully restraining the sun property demonstrates the trend of sustainable architecturein summer. Cool breezes are being drawn into homes using louvered windows for cross-ventilation. Rainwater tanks are coming out from the shadows and into prime positions in the garden, led by proud, eco-friendly owners and their architects.

4. Polished concrete floors 

While Europe is well ahead of us with their wide use of polished concrete floors, many Australian architects are now specifying them in their designs and it is set to be a big trend in Australia for 2014 and beyond. And what’s property demonstrates architectural trend of concrete floorsnot to love? They offer excellent thermal mass to capture warmth from the sun and are both serviceable and beautiful!

5. Multi-purpose rooms

Consumer demand for low-maintenance and environmentally friendly design is driving home-owners and their architects away from lots of purpose-built rooms and toward rooms that can multi-task, just like their owners. We are seeing a lot more double-duty rooms, where spaces can be partitioned for different purposes or TV rooms that share space with a flip-out sofa bed for guests.

These trends have to be considered alongside the use of the property and the kinds of people who will be living in it. While they have obvious benefits, it is always wise to ensure that you build or purchase with both practicality and aesthetic in mind.

Have I missed anything? I’d love to know in the comments if there are any other hot design trends you’re loving for 2014.

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