2014 Starts Steady- Interest Rates Hold for Year’s First RBA Decision

Written by Rates Direct in Finance on February 4, 2014

Piggy bank represents interest rates held by the Reserve BankToday at the first Reserve Bank board meeting of the year, it was decided that rates should again stay on HOLD at 2.50%.

Primary factors underlying the board decision included a substantial depreciation in the Australian dollar, desired to drive investment back to domestic businesses, and higher than expected annual inflation, a rise of 0.80% noted in December last year.

Furthermore inflation was up another 0.10% in January [1] – which demonstrated continued upwards pressure on prices in the economy.

Inflation isn’t a negative thing – price rises come hand-in-hand with economic growth as certain goods and services increase in demand. Inflation only becomes a concern when it rises or falls too rapidly. Based on current forecasts this is not seen to be an issue for Australia, unlike many nations around the world. Other factors which the Reserve Bank considered included unemployment figures and property prices – with unemployment expected to rise in the coming months.

All this could give the Reserve Bank grounds for a rate cut or, if conditions improve, it could seek to perhaps fight inflation by using more restrictive policy. Thus, the announcements in the coming 90 days will be particularly interesting.

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[1] https://wibiq.westpac.com.au/Publications.aspx?PublicationId=7342&customerid=8110



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