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The Block: What you need to know about this season’s contestants

Buckle up, Blockheads! The latest season of the “blockbuster” reno show (ba-dum-chhh), The Block, airs this Sunday and if you’re anything like us, you want the scoop. Block co-creator and Executive Producer, Julian Cress, has been quoted saying this this season’s Octagonal property is “much more architecturally challenging than anything we have ever attempted,”[…] “It’s a huge challenge we’ve set the contestants. Some of them are going to struggle. It’s going to be tough!”. What reno show wouldn’t be complete without a few drills and hammers to bring on the water works? 

Who’s the new can’t- help- but- love couple, and the couple we’ll love to hate? We investigate the newbies on The Block this season.

Meet the teams…

Dean & Shae, Newcastle, NSW

Dean, 30, and fellow team contestant Shae, 28, are from Newcastle, NSW. Dean is an electrician. Shay is an English and drama teacher. They are the new “high school sweetheart” duo and as if they couldn’t be more predictable to their professions and gender roles, Shay can be described as outspoken, passionate and wears her heart on her sleeve meanwhile Dean is quiet, hardworking and prefers to work rather than talk.

The couple were inspired to enter the contest for their family. With daughter, Everly (2), the couple dream of a tree-change near Newcastle for a quieter and more family- centered lifestyle.














Luke and Ebony, Busselton, WA

Look familiar? This brother and sister duo from Triple Threat are back to have another go. Carpenter, Luke and Interior Designer, Ebony won hearts in their first on screen appearance for their relaxed nature and cheerful sense of humor. Unlikely to be boat- rockers, the pair are touted to be the least competitive of the group. As Luke explained “I never got any of that resentment or jealousy from not getting on the show,” Luke said, with Ebony adding, “It was great to cheer on the guys and see how they went.”.














Suellen and Yvonne, Gold Coast

Don’t be deceived by the glitz and glamour- this single mum duo are described as assertive, strong willed and out to prove that all that glitters may in fact be gold.  Suzi is a Real Estate agent and Voni is a Personal Trainer, and while they have little renovation experience (“I’ve probably changed a few light bulbs and put some handles on doors,” Suzi giggles, (and Voni has painted the odd feature wall) we’re advised not to discount this dynamic team.















Whitney and Andrew, Melbourne, VIC


This Melbourne pair met as many current day romances do- on Tinder. Andrew by day is a form worker while Whitney works in beauty therapy- perhaps a strong combo of brains and beauty? Do you think Whitney and Andrews designs make the judges “Swipe right”?













Kingi and Caroline, Townsville, Queensland

This couple will be coming all the way from Townsville- and claim to be wearing the competitive cap. Caroline (Caro) claims that she doesn’t like being “average” at anything- she explains “we’re quick learners…If we don’t know how to do something, we’re both very good at researching it and figuring out how to do things,”. Well if there’s anything this show shamelessly loves- it’s competition and rivalry. We see sparks flying from this couple- and it won’t just be coming from their power tools!













All images sourced from: http://bit.ly/1JycvcF

Who are your picks this season? Tune in for the first episode this Sunday and follow our recaps and coverage conversation on Facebook and on the blog.