Five reasons residing in an Estate trumps inner city living

Written by in Buying on August 10, 2015


Choosing a suburb to live in is almost as important as the house you choose to buy. And with median house prices on the rise across Australia, there is more pressure than ever to carefully consider your housing options.

What is an estate?

When it comes to the estate housing versus established suburbs debate as of late, it is clear that housing estates are becoming a popular choice for new families and young couples. Estates are new communities that are planned and built at the same time with the ‘big picture’ in mind, while suburbs are generally more established, lived in areas. Although everyone’s preference is different, here are five trending reasons as to why Australians are deciding to go down the route of living in a new estate.


In this day and age, housing estates all are built with one thing in mind: newly emerging communities. Boasting walking distance to shops and retail precincts, schools, sporting grounds, health facilities and public transport, the ease and accessibility of estate living is a must- have for property seekers. Easy access to freeways and main roads is a given, and ideal for those needing to commute to CBD locations on a regular basis.
A sense of community

Aside from family and friends often purchasing in the same area – or even in the same estate – new estates tend to attract people with similar demographics and backgrounds. Being involved in the foundations of a new area can make it easy to meet new people and really become a part of the community. Estates also often tend to attract like-minded people – whether it’s those around the same age, those who share the same occupation, couples who have young kids or those who simply enjoy the same sort of lifestyle.

Spacious family homes can also offer couples the opportunity to raise a family, with parks and recreational areas ideal for running around or communal kicks of the footy. Estates like Westbrook in Truganina, which boasts 4,000 lots, will offer tennis courts, football grounds, a childcare centre and even a secondary school so families can literally grow up together.

One of the first official buyers at the Westbrook Estate, Harsha Gunathilake, expressed his excitement at securing a block via the initial ballot. “My family and I are thrilled to be planning our move to Westbrook. It will make the perfect place to raise our kids,” he commented.

Shiny and new

The appeal of house and land packages for many is that they’re built new. Buyers can take advantage of a pristine house and community, without that ‘lived-in’ look and feel. Aside from newness is the flexibility buyers have in terms of design and layout. Estates offer the ability to move in on a clean slate- something an already built home wouldn’t have.


Value for money is a big one when it comes to purchasing a property, and is becoming an increasingly popular determinant of moving to an estate given median house prices as of late. Without question you get more bang for your buck in an up and coming suburb when compared to established postcodes in the inner city. In addition, an off the plan purchase can mean significant stamp duty savings and often other incentives such as discounts and furniture packages.


Not only does purchasing an estate property offer buyers the space which an inner city dwelling of the same price may not command, but the likelihood of the house itself being larger also increases.

Just like a car with extras, there is the opportunity to upgrade later down the track. With purchases generally made off the plan, you’re often able to help renovate your house to your liking – making the necessary alterations to grow as your household does.  And, as a little privacy never goes astray, not living on top of your neighbours is just another reason to love estate living.

For many, taking the leap and buying a home is one of the biggest life decisions to make. It’s important before settling to check all of your consideration boxes- be it financial, geographical, lifestyle or practical. And for many Australians, estate living seems to be ticking them.




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