Move over man cave… Welcome “She Shed”

Written by in Design on August 26, 2015

Move over man cave… Welcome “She Shed”


With “She Sheds” being all the rage lately, we aren’t the least surprised. Aussies love a bit of backyard DIY, and girls are no exception.

If men can have their “man caves,” there’s no reason women can’t have their own space to relax and unwind, too. Everyone deserves to have their own oasis in which they can escape the busy family life, a private space to do a little art or creative writing or embark on a hobby.

If you’ve have decided that you need a “She Shed” in your life too then join the club- here’s a few styling tips to help turn it in your ultimate backyard bliss.

Image courtesy of Flickr

1.) Style with Shelves


If you’re a knick knack lover, or simply need a place to stash your ever-growing book collection, let your “She Shed” be the place to put them on display.


There’s something beautiful about a wall full of memories in the form of trinkets and your favourite stories, not to mention, you probably haven’t been able to put them all on display because of sticky kid fingers or the fact that one swish of your dog’s tail could leave your breakables in a heap on the floor.








2.) Keep Your Space Open and Airy

Natural light always seems to provide bursts of inspiration and brings renewed energy, which is why having lots of windows, or even a set of French doors letting the light stream in can completely transform your shed in to an oasis. Also, a She Shed isn’t the typical shed used just for keeping your outdoor tools, this is a place you’re going to be spending quality time in, so you want it to feel open, airy, and inviting. Image Courtesy Of  Gardenista



If you’re planning to use your “She Shed” as an artist’s studio or a yoga sanctuary we also love the idea of utilising skylights. With upgrading the studio with skylights and adding large open doors and windows, it gives all the light needed to create a masterpiece.






3.) Create a Garden Oasis with Window Baskets


Help your “She Shed” blend in with your backyard landscape and look more like a little cottage and less shed-like with the addition of beautiful floral baskets hanging in the windows. Many women like to use their She Sheds as a potting and planting workspace as well as give themselves a covered space to relax in among their cultivated garden, so it only makes sense to make your She Shed a part of your garden masterpiece.


Whether you add flower baskets under the windows or potted plants along the steps leading to your She Shed’s verandah, there are plenty of ways to use beautiful blooms to style your new space.



4.) Utilise Built- in Benches

 3Having a reading nook is by far one of the most popular features women want in their She Shed. Whether it’s a chaise lounge with a little table or a big tufted chair with an ottoman, you can create a reading nook in a number of ways, but we love the idea of marrying form and function with built-in benches.


Create an L-shaped bench that frames a window so you can soak up some sun while you read, and you can use the inside of the bench for storage space.


Extra bonus: if you want to host an alfresco get-together with girlfriends, swing the French doors open and let your benches provide plenty of comfortable seating.


5.) Add your Unique Flair

When we’re living in a house with our partners, kids, and pets it’s not unfair for us to say there’s really not a lot of space left solely for you.

Dog toys, textbooks and shoes are strewn about the floor, and while it’s home, it’s hard to classify it as an oasis at times. That’s why your She Shed is the place to let loose with your style. Want a full-blown shabby chic cottage with frilly curtains and a floral rug? Go for it! Want a bright yellow gardening room with a big wash basin? It’s yours! Love an oriental theme? Explore your tastes with the freedom of having your own unique space to decorate exactly how you want it.

This is your place to go wild with the decor, make it totally your own and don’t worry about it matching with the rest of your house or being anyone’s taste but yours.

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If you could make your dream “She Shed” a reality how would you style it? We’re always looking for new decor ideas!