Love blooms between international dating and real estate Apps

Written by in Property News on April 1, 2016 is proud to announce that we have partnered with a major international dating application to give our single property seekers an even better home browsing experience.


The latest update to the app will allow singles to swipe left or right at houses and apartments in their chosen area, which match their needs.


The property seeker will immediately be matched with other suitable singles who are also interested in that property. The new couple will then be invited to attend inspections or even an auction together.


If things go well, the couple can combine their savings to secure their new dream home with the new man or woman of their dreams. The updated app also allows users to group bank accounts, creating a seamless experience for the most important financial transaction of their new lives together.


For the renters, the app also helps to combine payments for bond and rent, as well as schedule shared billing for other expenses.


This revolutionary idea came from a team member who recently met the love of their life at an open for inspection, which they both attended using the original iPhone app.

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“This is one of the most significant enhancements in Australian real estate technology to-date” says a spokesperson.


Keith, a long-time dating app user, is very excited, claiming “This is great. My parents really want me to move out and I’ve had no luck on other dating apps, I can’t wait to try this”.


The enhancement was originally due to be released in time for Valentine’s Day, however at that time the technology simply did not meet’s quality standards. The launch was delayed until today, April 1st 2016.


Try it for yourself. Download the App now: