The Players’ VIEW Series: Episode 2 – Adam Oxley & Ben Kennedy

Written by in Renting on July 25, 2016

Here we are at episode 2 of the Players’ VIEW Series. In this episode we chat with roommates and ex-team mates Adam Oxley and Ben Kennedy. This blossoming bro-mance is typical of any 2 boys renting in their 20’s and we talked to them about being drafted, living together, their dating lives and playing football against each other.

Collingwood FC’s Oxley met Melbourne FC’s Kennedy when they were drafted together in 2012 with Collingwood. After a year together in a rookie house with 2 others Collingwood newbies, they decided to move out and rent together. Like any youngsters, new to renting, they weren’t sure where to look and scope out a few different sites.

Being time poor meant the boys had to use any resource they could. Oxley said, “Later on in the year, it got a lot tighter for the fact that we had finals that year, we only really had the odd day off.”

“Obviously being from interstate we had no idea how to go about it but we had all the resources at the club and a few computers we could jump on.”

“Once we started doing it, we weren’t too bad and found out pretty quickly it wasn’t as hard as we first thought.”

Like any roommates, they had to develop their roles and responsibilities in the house.

Kennedy stated “I think early days, I pretty much offered to cook and he cleaned but by the end it, every night I would come home and he would ask ‘what’s for dinner?’ And I’d say ‘you cook your own damn dinner!’ Now we just do our own thing. Three years on and I’m still yet to have an Adam Oxley cooked meal. I look forward to that one day.”

Their housemate relationship includes squabbles over who gets which room, awkward times when bringing home girls, not being about to talk footy now that they play for different clubs but through it all have remained the best of mates!

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