The Players’ VIEW Series: Episode 1 – Jack Riewoldt

Written by in First Home Buyers on July 11, 2016

Welcome to The Players’ VIEW Series. In episode 1, we chat with AFL superstar, Richmond FC’s Full Forward, Jack Riewoldt, as he opens up about growing up in Hobart, moving to Melbourne to play Football and buying his first home. Riewoldt faced the same trials and tribulations of any first home buyer, unsure of what to look for at the time. Some first home buyers are blinded by the excitement of buying their first home that some key requirements are missed and Jack confesses he was no different.

Riewoldt states, “if I had my time again, I would have probably waited around and watched the market a little bit more but it was so exciting getting into the property game that I jumped on the opportunity.”

“To be able to put some paint on the walls and say that it’s your and you did it and invite people over to your house is pretty special.”

Hear Jack’s full story below.

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