The Players’ VIEW Series: Episode 3 – Daniel & Sarah Merrett

Written by in Buying on August 8, 2016

Brisbane Lions Daniel Merrett and his wife Sarah, opened up their home to and The AFL Players’ Association for episode 3 of The Players’ VIEW Series. Daniel and Sarah talked to us about upsizing from their first home to their family home, the process of finding a bigger house and how they managed the move with little toddler, Matilda on their hands.

Upsizing homes goes hand in hand with growing families, looking to get more space and less maintenance. Daniel and Sarah were no different. They had a 6 month old little girl, living in a home that required constant fixing.

Sarah explains, “It was just like putting out spot fires. Every single time something would go wrong, we would then have to fix another thing and another thing.”

“And I’m not very good on the tools,” Dan proclaims.

Finding a home to suit all your needs for a family, can be very different to buying your first home. First home buyers may not have list of requirements at all and just want a home they like the look of. Practicality goes out the window but when upsizing, that list of needs grows and can narrows down the properties available. For example, proximity to schools, single level homes as opposed to multi-level or having a backyard for the kids or pets.

“We probably decided to upgrade, a long time before we actually did it. There was a lot of talking and we looked at a lot of suburbs, but then we came back to the ones we knew” Sarah states.

Daniel said “there was a lot of time spent on websites like Countless hours driving around and then every night going through what’s new in the market.”

Hear Daniel and Sarah’s full story below.

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