The staff at share their real estate stories

Written by in realestateVIEW on August 18, 2016

At, we know what it’s like going through the tests and trials of getting into the property market. Have you moved into a house already occupied by a family of furry friends? Have you moved house…next door? Well our staff have.

Meet some of the friendly staff at as they share their funny property stories.

Barry Sloan – Sales

Enzo Raimondo

“My wife and I moved into our place and on the first night we heard scratching and the noise of something running around in our ceiling space. “Argh ghosts” we thought!  Even the lights would turn on and off in the middle of the night by themselves!

However, in closer inspection we found possums – 13 different families, living in the ceiling having the equivalent of rave parties every night!”

Chelsa Robson – Product

Chelsa Robson

“Young, excited & nervous first home buyer as settlement day finally arrived!  Settlement occurs without a hiccup and the real estate agent hands over the keys with the golden hand shake.  My husband rushes off to our new place with a trailer load of furniture, he opens the door only to find that the previous owners have not moved out. The house was fully furnished, toast in the toaster, he walks around the house in dismay…. Next thing the previous owner walks in the door and says – ‘Who are you and what are you doing in my house?’

My husband replies, ‘Mate this isn’t your house anymore. Settlement was today and I’m here to move in’.

Owner refused to move out, police were involved, ultimatum’s made and gave them until 7pm that night to move out or we will move their furniture for them onto the front lawn. Low and behold, 7pm came and they were gone.”

Martin Zboinski – Marketing

Martin Zboinski

“After 2 years in my house, I purchased the apartment next door!

I even had the dog jump over the fence a couple of times so I was already inspecting the property before it was on sale.”

Gabby Salinas – Customer Operations

Gabby Salinas

“When we moved in to our new house and the previous owners left a school of 20 fish in the fishpond in our new backyard. We became house owners and pet owners on the same day!”

Penny Lee – Sales

Penny Lee

“After doing the final coat of varnish on our floors, during our renovations and exiting through the backdoor allowing a 3-day drying period. I asked my partner where his phone was. He had left it inside.  We now have a foot print in the middle of the kitchen floor.”