And the winner is……

Written by in realestateVIEW on September 21, 2016

Here at, in partnership with the AFL Players’ Association, we wanted to share your real estate stories. The funny, the horrific, the down right disastrous and in return we want to reward the best story with a once in a life time AFL Experience. The competition has now come to a close and our winning entry is:

Vicky from Sandringham, VIC!


Here are a few other notable mentions. These entries definitely had the realestateVIEW office LOLing.

  • “When renting a share house, I came home a day early from a holiday to find my flatmate leisurely lying in MY bed, in MY pjs, watching MY TV and eating MY food. At least she was alone!” – Anne
  • “Dad bidding on my behalf and going over our pre approval limit from the bank. His response -” I don’t like losing””- Adam
  • “We bought our home for the quiet life in the country to escape a neighbour with yapping dogs next door only to move in and our new neighbour has 17 roosters!!” – Mich
  • “Note to self always check the main switch in meter box! Went 4 days with no power before realising last tenants turned it off OOPS.” – Natalie
  • “When packing boxes to move out of my old house I found 10 sandwhiches my daughter at hidden in her room over the years. Finally I knew what that smell was.” – Shane
  • “The battery in my garage remote keyring went flat I sat out the front of my house for 2 hours waiting for my husband to come home. I forgot I could have just opened the front door oooppsss!” – Ebony
  • “Bought my first place thoroughly hungover, wrecked, 9am on a sunday morning. I just said yep that one will do so I could go home to bed.” – Louise
  • “An agent was showing us a house we were interested in buying when she stepped in the shower to show us its features and my niece pulled on the fancy tap and soaked her in cold water!” – Raj
  • “Went up to a mate lifted him up and put his head through my roof had to cut a bigger bit out to get him down.” – Corey
  • “I attended an open inspection and my son ran straight into a glass sliding door and was balling his eyes out, poor little fella. Funny now.” – Suz
  • “Buying first house. Owner had left a sad looking roast chicken on bench for ambiance. House was currently empty except for said chicken which was odd. I am sure some flowers would have been enough.” – Susan