Getting the garden ready for an autumn sale

Written by in Selling on February 20, 2017

As autumn comes around and the selling season statistically starts to slow, you’ll need to get your landscaping in order to give yourself the best chance of a strong sale. Manicured lawns, potted plans, well maintained shrubs and an attractive letterbox: these are just some of the things people notice when arriving at a property for the first time.

When you’re selling your property, your front yard needs to be on its A-game, especially if you want to entice someone to fall in love with your home (and therefore pay top dollar for it).

If there are cracks in the pavers, weeds are overtaking the lawn, and the garden is overgrown, your home may look neglected or unloved—and prospective buyers will start to wonder what else is wrong with the property.

Whether it’s a house or an apartment, we all know that when you’re selling, first impressions are crucial. So what are some quick, simple and effective strategies you can use to spruce up your garden in preparation for an autumn sale?

  1. Clean up

Your number one goal should be to remove anything that looks like ‘hard work’ to a prospective property buyer. To do this, you need to set about making the garden look as clean, fresh and low-maintenance as possible. Rake up all the dead leaves; get rid of weeds; cut back overgrown ferns and branches; and generally tidy up to bring the garden up to scratch.

  1. Let it rain bark

Bark chips cover up all sins and create a warm, uniform look in your garden. You can also use it to cover up any unattractive areas, like concrete lumps hidden amongst the dirt in the garden. With bags of bark selling for less than $5 each, this is a cheap and effective quick fix to spruce up your landscaping look.

  1. Embrace the rule of 3

Everything looks more stylish and polished when it is replicated. The design ‘rule of 3’ applies outdoors just as much as it does inside, so look for an opportunity to create a landscaping feature with three large pots showcasing three tall plants. You could go cheap and cheerful with ferns and create the look for less than $100, or opt for fancier (and pricier) topiary trees.

  1. Create a path to the front door

Is there currently a clear path to the front door that doesn’t involve wandering up your driveway? If not, invest in a dozen good-sized pavers and create a walkway from the kerb to your door. Depending on the layout, you may want to scatter some bark in between the pavers to give a polished, uniform look.

  1. Lime your lawn

No, we’re not suggesting you should toss your used lime wedges on the lawn after squeezing the zesty juice into your drink. We’re talking about agricultural ground limestone. If your lawns are weedy, patchy or yellow, it may be because the pH balance is off, and a lime treatment can be just the nutrient injection required to restore your grass to full health. Liming your neglected lawn can help return your yard area to lush, full, green grass, but keep in mind that it may take a few weeks to see the results.

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