How social media can help sell your home in days

Written by in Property News on March 28, 2017

In 2015, a real estate agent made an elaborate short film using drones, actors and Facebook to sell a Gold Coast home. It sold in just three days, for $1.6 million.

Social platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even Pinterest – are used to share the most mundane and trite details of our day… so why wouldn’t we use it to tell everyone about a home up for sale?

After all, social media is one of the most powerful tools for targeted advertising, as well as the new, digital version of word-of-mouth. Reposting, tagging and ‘liking’ can send your ad, post or photos to thousands of screens around the world in a matter of hours.

You can leverage social media to your advantage via your real estate agent’s network. For instance, real estate agents often have lucrative connections on business sites like LinkedIn, and showcasing a home’s features via Instagram is becoming a popular way for them to do business. Or the portals they work with (such as may have an option to share your property through their social media channels

A killer Facebook ad campaign

When your agent lists your property, you may be able to request they push the property through social media, specifically Facebook. While this may come at an extra cost, Facebook, in particular, is an excellent tool for online advertising. You can decide how much you want to spend on advertising, which will determine the reach of your ad. The great thing about Facebook is that you can target a particular audience based on your parameters.

For example, you might choose to target all 24 to 36-year-olds within a 25km radius of the property. Or you might choose to direct the ad at people based on their interests, like property renovation or investment. Best of all, a targeted campaign lowers the risk of you being ‘unfollowed’ by friends who are weary of your property spam.

So what should agents include in their post to maximise its reach?

  • The algorithm that social media sites use are constantly changing, so it’s hard to determine what will rank highly at any given time. Facebook gives more screen time to photos and videos, rather than just plain text, and it doesn’t like links in the main post (unless you’re doing an ad).
  • It’s becoming more popular to include a ‘walkthough video’ of the home, or a short clip that visually displays its more spectacular features, like the brilliant view from the balcony or the lifestyle the new buyers will enjoy.
  • Your aim is to stop people from scrolling, so include some really eye-catching, high-quality images and a catchy title. Drones are the big buzz in property sales at the moment, and they’re a great way to show off the expanse of your property, its proximity to the beach or stunning hinterland surroundings.
  • Creativity goes a long way on social media. If it stands out, it’ll be shared around, and that’s the best free advertising you could ask for.

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