The biggest 2017 home décor trends so far

Written by in Design on July 13, 2017

A bedroom with a dark blue feature wall and light bedspread.

In celebration of reaching the middle of the year (already!) and starting the downhill race towards the summer months, here are the most popular 2017 home décor trends the year has seen so far:

Go Goth

The Goth look is in (again), but this time we’re not just talking black lipstick. Dark timber colours for chairs, cabinets, coffee tables and even walls are having their moment in the spotlight this year. Darren Palmer, interior designer and judge on The Block, says “darker pieces of furniture are on the rise again – we will see plenty of rich and darker tones in 2017.”

A living room with a dark colour scheme including dark floorboards and a dark grey feature wall.

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Jewel Tones

Beige is finally out, and bold, deep colours are making a comeback. Think bold hues like rich amethyst, emerald green and ruby red, and start splashing them across your walls. They’re also perfect for accents like cushions, vases, throw rugs, candles and picture frames.

Yellow, green and pink plush cushions.

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Green With Envy

Green is hugely popular this year. It’s hard to get this trend wrong, with colours like bottle-green, dark green, pastel green, grass green and every shade in between matching perfectly with the dark timber trend. This look creates a decadent yet calming space for any room in the house, and is extremely easy to achieve with a pop of colour here and there.

A home interior painted dark green.

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Matte Attack

Yes, matte is still in! But now it’s taking over your kitchen, with matte-finished appliances all the rage. Matte can make any object seem sophisticated, sexy and luxurious, and will make you look at your refrigerator with a whole new level of appreciation.

A matte black kitchen

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Don’t Lose Your Marbles

You might’ve seen marble all over Pinterest, but soon it’ll start showing up everywhere else too. Tiles, wallpaper, carpet and all fabrics are going marble, and it’s not just classic white and black either. Marble is being mixed with all colours, from black and gold to pink and grey, and each composition creates an air of sophistication – especially when paired with wood or metal.

Marble remains a strong 2017 home decor trend.

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Time for Terracotta

I know, I know. Terracotta has SO been done before. While terracotta might not seem like anything new, this season it’s been given a matte finish, adding a fashionable twist to a rather dull trend. Don’t stop at terracotta pots, either. This trend can be applied to everything from outdoor tiles to indoor decorations—be brave with it!

Terracotta tiles in an outdoor alfresco

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Quirky Cork

Copper is out, and cork is in. This stylish material adds a level of depth, warmth and texture that was perhaps missing in the copper trend. Not only is cork a great look for any house, it’s practical too—it holds the heat and can absorb noise, meaning the more cork you have, the quieter your house can become.

A cork board wall inside a home.

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Faux Fur is no Faux Pas

Faux is definitely the highlight of 2017, and I’m not just talking faux fur either. Faux leather, faux wood, faux marble and even faux foliage can give off the trendiest vibes and what’s more, it can also be easier on your budget, usually costing much less than its authentic counterpart. Whatever your material of choice, just remember: if it’s a faux-er, it’s a goer.

Fake plants sitting above a wardrobe

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