Saving for a home? Top 25 free things to do in Perth

Written by in Suburb Profiles on August 31, 2017

Perth skyline

Perth is often neglected when it comes to the must-see destinations of Australia, but it’s full of beautiful hidden gems that offer plenty of fun. If you are saving for a home but still after something fun to do, here are 25 free things that anyone can enjoy.

  1. Fremantle is rich in convict history and the markets have been there for roughly 120 years, making it a great place to browse and explore.
    Fremantle Markets
  2. Elizabeth Quay is a relatively recent development, transformed from shipping docks to a haven for tourists and locals alike, and the perfect place for a sunset stroll.
  3. The Shoalwater Marine Park is an ideal family outing, just a short drive from Perth and home to penguins, sea lions, dolphins and even shipwrecks.
  4. There are plenty of local biking or walking tours that showcase the gardens, artworks and landmarks of Perth, completely free of charge.
  5. The White Sand Mountains of Lancelin is the perfect site for the adventurous. Entry is free and if you’re game, you can sandboard your way down the white sandy dunes.

    Lancelin sandboarding

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  6. King’s Park is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. Full of history, flowers and culture with panoramic views of both the Swan and Canning Rivers, it’s a great place to spend the day.
  7. Not to be confused with Sydney’s Coogee beach, the Coogee beach on the West Coast is equally beautiful, especially if you go on one of the secret walks that occur frequently.
  8. Snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing in the calm waters of Mettam’s Pool, a natural rock pool surrounded by reef, is a favourite way to spend a summer day in WA.
  9. Full of forest, valleys and waterways, Lane Poole Reserve is like a fairyland found just south of Perth, and is a beautiful spot for family adventures.
  10. Perth isn’t lacking in stunning beaches, but the iconic Cottesloe Beach – or ‘Cotts’ as it’s lovingly called by the locals – is definitely up there with the best.

    Cottlesloe Beach, Perth

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  11. The Lesmurdie Falls are considered one of the most sensational waterfalls in WA, and walking the trails here among the rich vegetation is a must for the nature-lovers.
  12. An impressive natural attraction, the Swan River is the place to go for a range of fun on the water, from boating, fishing, skiing, paddling, swimming or simply having a picnic.
  13. Lake Monger is a popular tourist attraction and offers a mix of nature trails, playgrounds, barbecue pits and sporting facilities to cater to every family.
  14. Bells Rapids in Brigadoon is home to scenic views of both the countryside and coastal plain, native fauna and flora and is the perfect place to go for a walk.
  15. Found right in the centre of the city, the Barrack Street Jetty holds many treasures, like handmade Australian art, clothing, artefacts and even genuine crocodile leather goods.
  16. The Swan Valley is for anyone who loves cheese, wine and good foods. And while they can cost a bundle, you can take a drive around the trails taking in the views.
  17. WA is jam-packed with gardens, parks and nature reserves, but the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens are one of the most beautiful with floral displays, rockeries and waterfalls.
  18. South of Perth is the Mandurah Estuary and Peel Inlet, which is twice the size of Sydney Harbour, where boating, kayaking and dolphin-watching are just a few of the activities available.
  19. The town of York was the first inlet settlement in the whole of Australia and is a great place to go for a day filled with history and charm.
    York Town Hall - Perth
  20. The Perth Cultural Centre is the artistic hub of the city, where you can visit everything from the WA Museum to the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, completely free of charge.
  21. For the musically inclined (or just plain curious) Didgeridoo Breath down in Fremantle holds 15-minute lessons on playing the didgeridoo, completely free.
  22. If you have a reliable 4WD, take a trip out to the WA outback to explore the real Australia.
  23. Famous for the wineries, Margaret River has something for everyone, from the surfers to the whale watchers.
  24. Head up to the Pilbara and the Kimberley to check out their notorious residents – the saltwater crocs.
  25. Climb Bluff Knoll, one of the only places in WA that gets snow.