Santa-friendly homes for sale

Written by in Buying on November 20, 2017

Aaaaaand it’s that time of year again! That special and merry and expensive and tiring and blisteringly hot period of the year: Christmas! And as December 25th rears its head, so too does Santa down the chimney of every household in the country (or if you don’t have a chimney, he just breaks a window).

Temperatures can often get above 40°C at Christmas, when even the lightest bed-sheet makes it feel like you’re in your own human-size Sous Vide machine, so with that, spare a thought for the jolly St. Nick as he squeezes his rotund rear down the chimney of these…wait for it…Top Santa-Friendly Properties For Sale!

That’s right, it’s fireplaces galore in this post. Hang your stockings, set down a plate of cookies and glass of milk and wait for Santa to come down these beautiful fireplaces in Melbourne and Sydney, all of which are on the market.

When he does come down, hold him ransom until he gives you all the presents you always wanted as a child but your parents couldn’t possibly get for you, like a unicorn.

73 South Road, Brighton

Just a few minutes’ walk from the beach, this Brighton 4-bedroom home has the classic fireplace just waiting for those black boots to come colliding down on Christmas Eve.





5 Majella Court, Kew

The marble fireplace in this 3 bedroom home in Kew underpins the stylish elegance that is sure to attract some serious bids come December 12.

5-majella-court-kew-vic-3101-real-estate-photo-1-large-11469775 5-majella-court-kew-vic-3101-real-estate-photo-6-large-11469775


40a Sycamore Street, Malvern East

Nestled in one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Melbourne, a short stroll from Gardiners Creek, this cosy 2-bedder sports an equally cosy living room, complete with a fireplace for the big man himself.

40a-sycamore-street-malvern-east-vic-3145-real-estate-photo-1-large-11466679 40a-sycamore-street-malvern-east-vic-3145-real-estate-photo-2-large-11466679


4 Evelyn Street, Preston

This spacious 5-bedroom home, renovated for a modern family, has not one but two fireplaces for Santa to choose from. Whether or not there is an alarm system that he needs to worry about is another thing.

4-evelyn-street-preston-vic-3072-real-estate-photo-1-large-11466438 4-evelyn-street-preston-vic-3072-real-estate-photo-3-large-11466438


100 Wallalong Crescent, West Pymble

In the northwest Sydney suburb of West Pymble is this quaint 3-bedroom home that is dwarfed by the land it sits on. Plenty of room for the sleigh, and a pool, and a bowling alley.



15 Old Coast Road, Stanwell Park

A homestead-style fireplace gives this 3-bedroom home halfway between Wollongong and Sydney a rustic feel, despite the lush surrounds, vicinity to the beach and modern fixtures.

15-old-coast-road-stanwell-park-nsw-2508-real-estate-photo-2-large-11471615 15-old-coast-road-stanwell-park-nsw-2508-real-estate-photo-8-large-11471615


49 Hillside Road, Newport

Sydney’s northern beaches have some of the most beautiful properties on the market, but that may be because of the views they enjoy. This 3 bedroom home is a nod to the past through-and-through, with a kitchen hearth that echoes of wood-fired stoves and hundreds of Christmas mornings spent unwrapping presents followed by a day at the beach.

49-hillside-road-newport-nsw-2106-real-estate-photo-2-large-11471221 49-hillside-road-newport-nsw-2106-real-estate-photo-4-large-11471221