View Home Loans: make your property ownership dream a reality

Written by in Finance on February 16, 2018

View Home Loans has officially launched to help you find the right loan at the lowest rate.

Finding the ideal property is often not the challenge for buyers. You have a deposit. You know where you want to buy. And you’re actively looking. But like most people, you wait until you think you’ve found the right property before worrying about the home loan.

For many people, this is where the excitement ends. Meetings with banks or mortgage brokers, completing forms, not knowing who to trust and getting knocked back by lenders can all be quite stressful.

At View Home Loans, we provide stress relief. We take the hassle out of finding the right lender and negotiating the best rate so you can focus on searching for, inspecting and buying the property.

It all starts with our industry leading home loan quoting service.

This technology was developed to enable borrowers to receive personalised interest rate quotes from over 40 lenders in minutes. Simply step through the short online process and the service instantaneously matches you to lenders and quotes you their rates after factoring in any eligible discount you qualify for. It also displays special offers, such as cash back deals from a lender.

It’s then up to you, the borrower, to select the quote that most appeals to you. The vast majority of borrowers choose the lowest rate. Why do we let you choose? Many mortgage brokers recommend lenders that they have a good relationship with, but there may be better deals available. At View Home Loans, we believe in providing transparency and empowering you to make an informed decision.

Quotes are available 24/7 from our lender panel, which consists of lenders ranging from the major banks all the way through to low doc and non-conforming lenders.

Once you’ve selected a quote, we assign you a home loan expert whose job it is to get you a fast result. Your home loan expert completes forms, deals directly with lenders to negotiate terms (and in some cases a better rate) and does everything possible to get your loan application approved. Your assigned home loan expert stays with you all the way through to settlement.

The View Home Loan service is provided free of charge to borrowers and can be used for new loans as well as loan refinancing as an owner occupier or investor.

What is the lowest rate you’ll be quoted? Can you get a better rate and save thousands of dollars each year on your current loan? Find out now in just minutes.