The best place to rent based on your occupation

Written by in ACT on July 25, 2018

Ever wondered how the pay rate for your chosen occupation compares to those across the nation? Could a few thousand extra dollars in your hand be the clincher that convinces you to relocate, and if so, how do rents compare to your current location?

We’ve done a little digging around on job search site and come up with the average salaries for some common professions, along with median rent data from CoreLogic, to determine which city is the best place for you to rent, based on your career.


While a full-time sparky earns around $39 per hour in Sydney and Melbourne, in Port Hedland you could be raking in up to $55 per hour!

With median rents for units sitting at $365 per week, and houses $600 per week, you could be significantly better off after paying your bills if you’re willing to move to this harbour town in the Pilbara.


Retail Manager

Think retail careers and you’re automatically drawn to the shopping meccas, Sydney and Melbourne, where there are jobs aplenty in fashion, homewares, cosmetics and accessories.

But while retail managers in NSW earn around $65,000 per year, you could be collecting up to $73,000 for a similar role in Adelaide. The median rent in Adelaide just $375 per week, compared to $583 in Sydney, so between your higher salary and the money you’re saving in rent, you’ll have loads more spare cash than your east coast compatriots.

Financial Planner

If you’re a savvy finance industry professional, Melbourne is the place to be!

Financial planners in the Victorian capital earn around $112,000 per year on average, compared to just $88,000 in Brisbane and Perth. You’ll be paying around $447 each week in rent to live in Victoria, compared to $377 in Perth, but that still leaves you $20,000 up over the course of a year.

Police Officer

Constables in the WA Police Force are taking home around $67,000 per year, $10,000 more than their Victorian counterparts. Given that median rents in Perth are just $377 – $70 per week less than Victoria – you’ll also be saving around $3600 each year in rental costs, a win-win for those who protect and serve.


Registered Nurse

An entry-level RN or Midwife in Queensland, Western Australia or the Australian Capital Territory can out-earn their interstate peers by around $5,000 per year.

In these states, new nurses enjoy salaries of up to $64,000 annually, compared to the $59,000 paid to those dedicated professionals doing the same job in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

Nurses in WA have the best of both worlds, with the higher salary and affordable rents helping them to build their bank balances much faster than their peers in Sydney and Melbourne.

Bus Driver

Bus drivers in Sydney earn around $10,000 per year more than those in Melbourne, but most of that is swallowed up by higher rental costs.

While Perth’s bus drivers earn around $63,000, $5,000 less than those in Sydney, the significant rental savings of $206 per week mean they’re still in front where it counts.