Melbourne suburbs experiencing the most movement

Written by in Buying on July 25, 2018

Ever wondered which suburbs have the highest turnover of residents moving in and out?

Well, if you’re thinking of starting a removalist company, or offering end-of-lease cleaning services, we’ve unearthed the suburbs in Melbourne with the most movement over the last five years (so now you know where you should be advertising!)


Clyde North

Almost 90 per cent of the residents in Clyde North have moved in within the past five years, thanks to new master-planned estates popping up all over the area. More than 30 per cent have relocated in the past 12 months, making it Melbourne’s fastest-growing suburb, despite being 48km southeast of the CBD. Neighbouring Clyde has also seen a large influx of residents in recent years, with 66 per cent moving in in the last five years and 25 per cent over the last year.


Another new suburb with construction going gangbusters, Wollert, 26km the north of the city centre, has welcomed 81 per cent of its population over the last five years. Around 26 per cent have moved in in the past year, most into shiny new builds in leafy estates with ample playgrounds and green spaces.


Inner-city Carlton has a high turnover of residents, likely due to its proximity to the University of Melbourne. Nearly three quarters of residents moved there within the last five years, with almost 40 per cent relocating last year alone.

Melbourne CBD

Students, city workers and overseas professionals all love to call the heart of Melbourne home, but it seems they don’t stay put for long! Around 73 per cent of those living in the CBD moved in sometime over the last five years, and 37 per cent have made it their home in the past 12 months. Perhaps the pricey rents and constant noise lose their allure after a while!


Roughly 34 per cent of Docklands residents moved in sometime last year, and 71 per cent made the change since 2013. Almost the entire housing stock here is apartments, so it’s possible the rapid turnover rate reflects residents moving to larger accommodation when they start a family.


Like Docklands, Southbank is a trendy inner-city suburb with a revolving door of residents. Around 70 per cent have moved in the last five years, and 35 per cent in the last year. It’s also predominantly high-density housing – a spacious backyard in the suburbs probably starts to look pretty attractive after you’ve been crouched on a teeny apartment balcony trying to host a barbeque!


Located 19km from the centre of Melbourne, Clayton is home to Monash University, and the constant stream of students in and out of this great institution is having an impact on the tenure of the locals. An estimated 69 per cent of those living in Clayton have moved there since 2013, and almost 40 per cent moved in since last year.


Melbourne University is in Parkville, so like nearby Carlton, the student turnover is evident in the statistics. Around two-thirds (67 per cent) of residents only redirected their mail to a Parkville address within the past five years, and 32 per cent have called it home since just last year.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is 20km southeast of the CBD, and right next door to Clayton, so it’s a prime accommodation spot for uni students. Approximately 31 per cent of locals are still unpacking boxes from their move this past year, and 65 per cent moved in within the last five years.