10 regional homes in Victoria worth inspecting this weekend

Written by realestateview.com.au in Buying on July 12, 2019

The REIV predicts approximately 350 auctions will take place around Victoria tomorrow. With clearance rates continuing to bounce back from the lows that were seen in late 2018, and with APRA relaxing lending restrictions and the RBA slashing the cash rate to a historic low, buyers are expected to be confident and competitive over the weekend.

This means there has never been a better time to escape the city traffic and take a drive out to some of regional Victoria’s most beautifully designed homes currently on the market.

10. 222 Clyde Street, Soldiers Hill VIC 3350 2 beds 1 bath – $495,000

Book a spot at the inspection tomorrow for 222 Clyde Street in the northern Ballarat suburb of Soldiers Hill. Built in 1980, the home has undergone a complete architecturally designed renovation, with featured spotted gum timber flooring and a rear extension. With new plumbing and wiring, the home is ready for a young family looking for an escape from city life but who doesn’t want to sacrifice on lifestyle.

222-clyde-street-soldiers-hill-vic-3350-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12602327 222-clyde-street-soldiers-hill-vic-3350-real-estate-photo-6-xlarge-12602327 222-clyde-street-soldiers-hill-vic-3350-real-estate-photo-14-xlarge-12602327

9. 13B Cummins Road, Mansfield VIC 3722 4 beds 3 bath – $895,000

Built in 2010, this property is exceptional for its price, considering the amount of land available, the incredible design of the home and its artist’s studio, and the energy-saving measures already incorporated into the home’s build. Sitting on 30 acres in the alpine region north-east of Melbourne, the home faces north, soaking up the natural light through its floor-to-ceiling windows. Either an incredible treescape retreat or a home for those seeking a new start at the foot of the mountains, this is worth the drive this weekend.

13b-cummins-road-mansfield-vic-3722-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-11876126 13b-cummins-road-mansfield-vic-3722-real-estate-photo-5-xlarge-11876126 13b-cummins-road-mansfield-vic-3722-real-estate-photo-8-xlarge-11876126 13b-cummins-road-mansfield-vic-3722-real-estate-photo-13-xlarge-11876126

8. 330 Cochranes Road, Traralgon South VIC 3844 4 beds 2 baths – $980,000

Designed by the renowned architect Gregory Burgess, 330 Cochranes Road is an architectural gem thanks to its masterful use of both timber and rammed earth construction techniques, which help to give the home a different character under various lighting conditions and help to form soft curves throughout the home’s interior. Fronting the Traralgon Creek Reserve, this is an escape to the bush like no other.

330-cochranes-road-traralgon-south-vic-3844-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-11739537 330-cochranes-road-traralgon-south-vic-3844-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-11739537 330-cochranes-road-traralgon-south-vic-3844-real-estate-photo-7-xlarge-11739537

7. 3 McIlwraith Road, Rhyll VIC 3923 3 beds 2 bath – $950,000-$1,045,000

John Baird of Fairweather Homes designed this stunning home which takes in incredible views over Westernport Bay. Energy and cost-efficiency dominated Baird’s architectural philosophy, which is why vaulted ceilings are utilised throughout the home, while three separate living areas help to isolate energy use for its occupants. This is a true retreat that sits just under two hours drive from Melbourne. Inspections are open for tomorrow.

3-mcilwraith-road-rhyll-vic-3923-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12535554 3-mcilwraith-road-rhyll-vic-3923-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12535554 3-mcilwraith-road-rhyll-vic-3923-real-estate-photo-8-xlarge-12535554

6. 849 Skyline Road, Devils River VIC 3714 4 beds 3 baths

This property seems too good to be true, with the view speaking for itself. Facing Lake Eildon atop a ridge amongst the alps, there are only a handful of properties in Australia that can boast having views like this. Architecturally designed to make sure the surroundings are always a feature of the home, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the alpine life in true style. Grab the ski gear and kill two birds with one stone this weekend.

849-skyline-road-devils-river-vic-3714-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12292229 849-skyline-road-devils-river-vic-3714-real-estate-photo-2-xlarge-12292229 849-skyline-road-devils-river-vic-3714-real-estate-photo-5-xlarge-12292229 849-skyline-road-devils-river-vic-3714-real-estate-photo-7-xlarge-12292229

5. 70 Deans Marsh-Lorne Road, Deans Marsh VIC 3235 5 beds 2 baths $1,690,000

Built in 1930, 70 Deans Marsh-Lorne Road is an exquisitely maintained period home, benefitting from its close proximity to Lorne. With 17-year-old Shiraz vines outside the door and a 100-year-old chimney keeping you warm through winter, what else is there to say?

70-deans-marsh-lorne-road-deans-marsh-vic-3235-real-estate-photo-13-xlarge-12207691 70-deans-marsh-lorne-road-deans-marsh-vic-3235-real-estate-photo-6-xlarge-12207691 70-deans-marsh-lorne-road-deans-marsh-vic-3235-real-estate-photo-5-xlarge-12207691

4. 42 Alton Road, Mount Macedon VIC 3441 4 beds 2 baths – Under Offer

This amazing architecturally designed home is under offer, but there may be a chance to check it out still! Tucked in the deciduous greenery of Mount Macedon on 5 acres, this home was designed by Freda Thornton of Simon and Freda Thornton Architects. Lofty cathedral ceilings invite light into this home and keep it there, while an ingenious use of timber and geometric design creates a levity in the home, eliminating the chance for any boring spaces.

42-alton-road-mount-macedon-vic-3441-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-12542544 42-alton-road-mount-macedon-vic-3441-real-estate-photo-7-xlarge-12542544 42-alton-road-mount-macedon-vic-3441-real-estate-photo-8-xlarge-12542544

3. 1A Queensberry Street, Daylesford VIC 3460 3 beds 2 baths – $890,000-$950,000

Shortlisted for the Australian Interior Design Awards 2017, Hardwood House was designed by Adam Kane for his parents and seeks to sit as a strong architectural contrast against its neighbours, while also nestling into its position on Wombat Hill, just near the Botanical Gardens. Gabled roofs and timber help to provide the home with a traditional context and place it firmly in the neighbourhood, while the deep palette and texture of the interior timber create a solid, reliable, and warm effect. Why not have lunch in Daylesford tomorrow before heading to the inspection?

1a-queensberry-street-daylesford-vic-3460-real-estate-photo-15-xlarge-12601082 1a-queensberry-street-daylesford-vic-3460-real-estate-photo-11-xlarge-12601082 1a-queensberry-street-daylesford-vic-3460-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12601082 1a-queensberry-street-daylesford-vic-3460-real-estate-photo-2-xlarge-12601082

2. 39 Hall Street, Lorne VIC 3232 5 beds 3 baths – $4,500,000

Designed by Award-winning firm Swaney Draper, Sandstonehaven has been featured in the press due to its incredible position, views, and design. Completed in 2005, the property overlooks Bass Strait, but through its use of dark exterior timbers, still manages to nestle into its surrounds without imposing. Definitely worth braving the spray of the sea against the Great Ocean Road this weekend.

39-hall-street-lorne-vic-3232-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12158020 39-hall-street-lorne-vic-3232-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-12158020 39-hall-street-lorne-vic-3232-real-estate-photo-11-xlarge-12158020

  1. 143 Lloyd Street, East Bendigo VIC 3550 4 beds 2 baths – $790,000-$830,000

    Finishing the list off today is this quietly impressive home in East Bendigo. With an affordable price tag for a large family home, the modernist home leaves room for significant capital growth through refurbishment or through a subdivision that already has planning permission. This is both an incredible home in which to live and a rare investment opportunity in a fast developing regional market.

    143-lloyd-street-east-bendigo-vic-3550-real-estate-photo-2-xlarge-12097144 143-lloyd-street-east-bendigo-vic-3550-real-estate-photo-7-xlarge-12097144 143-lloyd-street-east-bendigo-vic-3550-real-estate-photo-11-xlarge-12097144