The top 10 beach homes for sale in NSW right now

Written by in Buying on August 9, 2019

Topping the list of incredible beachside homes in NSW is 13 Dryandras Court, Casuarina. With 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the luxurious home has a generous 514 square metre floorplan, while maintaining a quaint timber beachside feel. The price tag for this property doesn’t just hint at its incredible location, but also at the investment that has been put into both the landscaping and quality of materials used in the home. French oak flooring, stone walls, red cedar shutters, and brass fixtures work in unison to ground the home as naturally as possible, while not sacrificing on quality.

13-dryandras-court-casuarina-nsw-2487-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12616403 13-dryandras-court-casuarina-nsw-2487-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12616403 13-dryandras-court-casuarina-nsw-2487-real-estate-photo-7-xlarge-12616403

Another northern NSW home, 14 North Point Avenue is an architectural gemstone that sits right on the beach in Kingscliff. Designed in a more contemporary style than the previous home, this property still focuses on using as much natural materials as possible to help it settle into its environment and be as energy-efficient as possible. Stacked stone is used as a textural counterpart to the dominant use of both external and internal timber. The alfresco dining space at the rear of the property is designed to create a sense of levity, as if the above level (the master bedroom’s stunning balcony) is almost floating over the backyard and indoor pool.

14-north-point-avenue-kingscliff-nsw-2487-real-estate-photo-15-xlarge-12628352 14-north-point-avenue-kingscliff-nsw-2487-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-12628352 14-north-point-avenue-kingscliff-nsw-2487-real-estate-photo-2-xlarge-12628352

Way down on the other end of NSW, 78 Mitchell Parade, a 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom home, has unimpeded ocean views and its own private walkway to the quiet sands of Mollymook Beach. The home focuses on open-plan living with two separate kitchens, but what this is all about is that rear tiered balcony where you can watch the weather roll in during winter and the sunlight bounce off the blue ocean during summer.

78-mitchell-parade-mollymook-beach-nsw-2539-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-12513188 78-mitchell-parade-mollymook-beach-nsw-2539-real-estate-photo-9-xlarge-12513188 78-mitchell-parade-mollymook-beach-nsw-2539-real-estate-photo-7-xlarge-12513188

Taking our last trip back up to Casuarina, this 4 bedroom home not only sits right on the ocean but has a lush green lawn to make the Australian cricket team jealous. The secluded courtyard pool is the ideal place to unwind and listen to the waves crash onto the sand only a short walk away, while the kids occupy themselves in the media room overlooking the backyard.

8-hyndes-lane-casuarina-nsw-2487-real-estate-photo-5-xlarge-12516995 8-hyndes-lane-casuarina-nsw-2487-real-estate-photo-8-xlarge-12516995 8-hyndes-lane-casuarina-nsw-2487-real-estate-photo-10-xlarge-12516995

Closer into Sydney is this 3 bedroom home just north of Wollongong. Facing north from the kitchen and living areas, you have some of the best coastal views Australia has to offer with no shortage of natural light. Recently undergoing refurbishment, the home has double glazed windows and doors to keep winter winds at bay, soft Brushbox floorboards and just happens to be in one of the most sought-after and tightly held areas of NSW.

9-kennedy-road-austinmer-nsw-2515-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-11632107 9-kennedy-road-austinmer-nsw-2515-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-11632107 9-kennedy-road-austinmer-nsw-2515-real-estate-photo-2-xlarge-11632107

Back in Mollymook again, these apartments are an incredible find and the perfect holiday escape that you can simply lock up and leave at the end of a long weekend. What sets these incredibly designed apartments apart is their location, bookended by Mollymook Beach on one side and the peaceful greenery of a golf course on the other. The downstairs rumpus room makes this the perfect holiday home for a growing family and their friends.

15a-and-15b-mitchell-parade-mollymook-beach-nsw-2539-real-estate-photo-6-xlarge-12124023 15a-and-15b-mitchell-parade-mollymook-beach-nsw-2539-real-estate-photo-20-xlarge-12124023 15a-and-15b-mitchell-parade-mollymook-beach-nsw-2539-real-estate-photo-18-xlarge-12124023

South of Wollongong and nestled between the ocean and the stunning Swan Lake in Swanhaven, this 4 bedroom home sits in near isolation, or what feels like it, with a bay coastline that will feel like yours and yours alone. The design of the property, which is itself set back from the road for added privacy and quiet, is such that the line between indoors and outdoors is constantly blurred. Whether it be in the bathroom, master bedroom or living areas, the outdoors are only ever a step away.

2-lake-drive-swanhaven-nsw-2540-real-estate-photo-16-xlarge-12621253 2-lake-drive-swanhaven-nsw-2540-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12621253 2-lake-drive-swanhaven-nsw-2540-real-estate-photo-8-xlarge-12621253

In the central-coast suburb of Ettalong Beach, 2 Bream Road is a real family home and within commuting distance of Sydney CBD. Surrounded by stunning bays and inlets as well as world-famous national parks, this is a family home that will leave you feeling like you are living in a town and not an hour away from the state’s capital.

2-bream-road-ettalong-beach-nsw-2257-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12565152 2-bream-road-ettalong-beach-nsw-2257-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-12565152 2-bream-road-ettalong-beach-nsw-2257-real-estate-photo-6-xlarge-12565152

That pool says it all really. Again just north of Sydney in Davistown, this 4 bedroom home is ideal for a family who want to escape the hustle of Sydney, enjoy a coastal lifestyle, but remain within driving distance of the city. What defines this family home is the number of spaces in the property, whether it be overlooking the pool or indoors in which you can nestle down and enjoy some peace and quiet.

7-malinya-road-davistown-nsw-2251-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12570423 7-malinya-road-davistown-nsw-2251-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12570423 7-malinya-road-davistown-nsw-2251-real-estate-photo-6-xlarge-12570423

Just north of Coffs Harbour and surrounded by incredible parkland, 9a Beachfront Close is another perfect holiday escape that you can feel confident to lock up and leave given a moment’s notice. The two-level, 3 bedroom home sits in a quiet cul-de-sac that is literally a 5-minute walk from the beach.

9a-beachfront-close-sapphire-beach-nsw-2450-real-estate-photo-2-xlarge-12727219 9a-beachfront-close-sapphire-beach-nsw-2450-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12727219 9a-beachfront-close-sapphire-beach-nsw-2450-real-estate-photo-14-xlarge-12727219