What are the top Melbourne homes sold in 2019 so far?

Written by realestateview.com.au in Buying on August 26, 2019

By July this year, Melbourne house values year-on-year were down by 9.2 per cent, which was also reflected in the top end of the market. From a mix of contemporary architectural gems to pristine period homes, the top homes sold in Melbourne so far in 2019 are sure to inspire.

This five-bed, three-bath home in Wheelers Hill was sold on the first weekend of July. With incredible views of the Dandenongs, the property attracted significant attention for its manicured landscaping, its opportune location and of course the luxury finishes of the home’s interior design.

3-fairview-avenue-wheelers-hill-vic-3150-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12122968 3-fairview-avenue-wheelers-hill-vic-3150-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12122968 3-fairview-avenue-wheelers-hill-vic-3150-real-estate-photo-7-xlarge-12122968 3-fairview-avenue-wheelers-hill-vic-3150-real-estate-photo-9-xlarge-12122968

Mount Martha is no longer just a holiday destination, with less than 10 per cent renting in the area and the bulk of those living by the bay being couples with children. With now easy access to the CBD via the Peninsula Link, more luxury homes are being built and swept up on the market for those looking to make the most from this still peaceful bayside suburb. Despite its incredible contemporary design, lap pool and open plan living, 15 Two Bays Crescent can thank its views for its success on the market.

15-two-bays-crescent-mount-martha-vic-3934-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12634305 15-two-bays-crescent-mount-martha-vic-3934-real-estate-photo-2-xlarge-12634305 15-two-bays-crescent-mount-martha-vic-3934-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-12634305 15-two-bays-crescent-mount-martha-vic-3934-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12634305

15 Stephens Street, Balwyn North VIC 3104 $4.58m

Targeted in its design towards family living, and situated in the heart of Melbourne’s most sought-after schooling district, the 4-bed, 5-bath 15 Stephens Street in Balwyn North was sold in March this year. Featuring a self-cleaning pool, alfresco dining spaces, a home cinema, gym and CBD views, it is unsurprising that this property achieved the price that it did.

15-stephens-street-balwyn-north-vic-3104-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12433365 15-stephens-street-balwyn-north-vic-3104-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-12433365 15-stephens-street-balwyn-north-vic-3104-real-estate-photo-2-xlarge-12433365 15-stephens-street-balwyn-north-vic-3104-real-estate-photo-10-xlarge-12433365

91 Orton Street, Ocean Grove VIC 3226 $6.3m

Perhaps Mouth Martha wasn’t your best side, how about the Bellarine Peninsula? 91 Orton Street was sold in March and boasts 6 beds and 4 bathrooms. The home’s incredible ocean views almost pale in comparison to the attention to detail given in the home’s design, whether it be in its finishes, triple-height windows, solar panelling, or central pool and spa.

91-orton-street-ocean-grove-vic-3226-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12175224 91-orton-street-ocean-grove-vic-3226-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12175224 91-orton-street-ocean-grove-vic-3226-real-estate-photo-6-xlarge-12175224 91-orton-street-ocean-grove-vic-3226-real-estate-photo-7-xlarge-12175224

10 Male Street, Brighton VIC 3186 $5m

One of only two period homes on the list, this 4 bedroom property in Brighton was built in 1892 and maintains its original bluestone foundations. The transition between the original build and the modern additions remains seamless. This is one of those properties you walk past with the dog each day and wonder what it looks like inside. Now is your chance to get a gander!

10-male-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12387186 10-male-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-6-xlarge-12387186 10-male-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-10-xlarge-12387186 10-male-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-13-xlarge-12387186


28 Campbell Street, Brighton VIC 3186 $4m

Situated within two blocks of the foreshore, this home in Brighton blends outside and inside living and, of course, comes with a push-button fireplace. The modern appliances, copious natural light, feature pond, swimming pool, freestanding bath, and the large open-plan kitchen and living area are nothing without that push-button fireplace. Selling for $4 million, again in March, its buyers grabbed a great deal just before the market begins to show signs of returning to growth.

28-campbell-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12370462 28-campbell-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-12370462 28-campbell-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-5-xlarge-12370462 28-campbell-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-19-xlarge-12370462

4 Myambert Avenue, Balwyn VIC 3103 $4.45m

Built in 1935, the 5-bed, 5-bath home at 4 Myambert Avenue in Balwyn is nestled in a leafy green pocket of Balwyn within walking distance of some of Melbourne’s best schools. The property has been assiduously maintained and brought into the 21st century, with five spacious living areas and a library to make Hemingway jealous. Sold for $4.45 million in March, this is another sale that is sure to benefit the new owners as values grow.

4-myambert-avenue-balwyn-vic-3103-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12359243 4-myambert-avenue-balwyn-vic-3103-real-estate-photo-2-xlarge-12359243 4-myambert-avenue-balwyn-vic-3103-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12359243 4-myambert-avenue-balwyn-vic-3103-real-estate-photo-5-xlarge-12359243

2a Roslyn Street achieves a laudable sense of levity in its design, despite its use of heavy and earthy materials in its construction. Perhaps it is through its use of floor-to-ceiling fenestration and spacious living areas both indoors and in alfresco areas that allows it to seem airy despite its size (5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms). Built for a growing family, the home features a parents’ retreat and is surrounded by schools.

2a-roslyn-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12234897 2a-roslyn-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-3-xlarge-12234897 2a-roslyn-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-5-xlarge-12234897 2a-roslyn-street-brighton-vic-3186-real-estate-photo-6-xlarge-12234897

6 Tea Tree Rise, Portsea VIC 3944 $4.75m

Sold just before we ticked over to 2019, 6 Tea Tree Rise has to make the list, simply for its stunning design and position within its surrounding landscape. Sitting on 3337sqm, there is no surprise that the property’s new owners were drawn to owning a sizeable plot of land in one of Victoria’s most prestigious locations. Its bold use of timber throughout the design grounds the ultramodern home in its coastal surroundings and helps it nestle into its elevated position.

6-tea-tree-rise-portsea-vic-3944-real-estate-photo-1-xlarge-12309561 6-tea-tree-rise-portsea-vic-3944-real-estate-photo-4-xlarge-12309561 6-tea-tree-rise-portsea-vic-3944-real-estate-photo-7-xlarge-12309561 6-tea-tree-rise-portsea-vic-3944-real-estate-photo-10-xlarge-12309561