Goodwood builder puts skills into making a tiny house

Written by in Design on August 12, 2020

“It’s the first thing I’ve actually designed and built for myself. I’ve done a lot for others and at the mercy of their desires. This is the first time that I’ve had an imaginative licence,” he says.

Denshire has been a builder his whole working life, with various stints in between. Construction is his passion.

“I can definitely say it’s my expertise and my passion, which I feel really lucky for,” Denshire says.

He’s taken on over 200 projects ranging from a front fence to building a humanitarian hospital in South Sudan.

His company employs around 10 people, and business has been picking up despite the pandemic.

Goodwood Construction is about working towards a sustainable future. His tiny house is powered by solar panels. The floor is recycled pine which came from a demolished house. He’s used lots of second hand materials to build and furnish it.

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“That round window is a coffee table lid I got out of the skip bin. My horse stand is an antique makeup table,” he says.

At the end of his apprenticeship he made a chest for a girlfriend. Then they broke up, so he kept it. Now it holds the solar batteries for his home.

The biggest energy draw is the fridge. He reckons if the batteries are fully charged, he could probably live consciously for a week, washing his clothes once. The table is multi-function and folds down. He got the door for $20 off Gumtree.

“After I built it, I realised the colour scheme reflects a forest, the green and the wood, and I feel like it’s calming for me and for everyone. As I develop as a builder, I’ve been talking about the psychology of space.

“I think this space here induces a feeling of freedom and happiness.”