Yallah experts’ top tips on making your house more appealing for a spring sale

Written by realestateview.com.au in Selling on September 10, 2020

By Brendan Crabb – This article first appeared on Illawarra Mercury

However, if you are preparing to sell your property over the spring period, there are inexpensive ideas that could help turn your open house into a sold house.

TAFE NSW Yallah landscape construction teacher Rob Wardlaw said with regard to prospective buyers, first impressions last.

“This year’s a lot different to last year given the circumstances (with the pandemic), and things are a bit different down in the Illawarra, because people from Sydney now want to come down here and live,” he said.

“So there’s a higher demand on property in the Illawarra because people want to get out of the major cities.

“You’re going to do a lot better by having a well-presented place.”

Therefore, he had some suggestions on boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal and making a strong first impression on prospective buyers.

Mr Wardlaw said there were cost-effective measures sellers could undertake in terms of landscaping.

“There’s pruning, mulching, keeping your lawn tidy,” he said.

“Looking at mulch rather than bare soil, it just shows you take a bit of pride in it, that there is care given.

“I think those sorts of things are easy for anyone to do. Anyone can go down and buy a trailerload of mulch, or just start with basic pruning.

“Prune your garden – give it a haircut.

“Weed it, get all the weeds out. Start fertilising your lawn, start fertilising your garden so you get that fresh growth.”

Mr Wardlaw said maximising your street appeal is something that’s not overly expensive and can easily be neglected while you’re living there.

“You can start at the front of your house – that’s the first place people are going to be looking at,” he said.

“A nice boundary fence freshly painted, or if you don’t have one, just a nice garden at the front.”

His other tips to freshen your place up included using some old or leftover paint to touch up the paintwork around pergolas, pergola posts, guttering and even the front of your house.

He also advised to do some planting if possible.

For example, to make your front entrance look grander, try planting some feature trees either side.

Mr Wardlaw said it was also important to “work within your limits”, including recognising which tasks can be done yourself, and which will require a tradie’s expertise.

“If you’re not sure, get advice,” he said.

If you’d like to learn more hands-on DIY skills, consider enrolling in a course at TAFE NSW Yallah.

Phone 131 601 or visit www.tafensw.edu.au.