New research reveals the highs and lows for Australian house hunters

Written by in Buying on November 25, 2020

The Great Australian Home Search survey, commissioned by SHAWOOD, found that 88 per cent of people say the search for a home is frustrating.

Looking for a family home appears the most stressful, with more than two-thirds of parents who have kids under 18 living at home saying their home search caused fights between them and their partner.

Scott Rudgley, Executive Sales Manager at SHAWOOD, said; “Buying a new home is an adventure, but as the property market has become more competitive the experience has turned from excitement to stress and exhaustion. We can’t change the market, but we can help reduce some of the frustrations in looking for ‘the one’ and offer some insights on how to bring back more of the joy in finding your home.”

With the average home search taking seven months and including seven viewings or auctions, it can be a long and time-consuming process.

People spend an average of four hours each week on their laptops and smartphones doing online research.

Stress-busting tips

More than two-thirds of Australians say they would do things differently when searching for their next home, with their top tips including:

  1. Set a larger budget to avoid compromising
  2. Buy a more sustainable or environmentally friendly home
  3. Find a trusted team – broker, agent, builder
  4. Being more disciplined about the time dedicated to the search

“There are lots of learnings from those who have gone through the experience,” said Mr Rudgley.

“But perhaps most important is trusting your instinct, most people say they knew their home was ‘the one’ as soon as they opened the door.

“That’s a magical feeling and it’s what the home search should be all about.”